Beauty hygge: the Danish secret for well-being

The philosophy hygge It is the phenomenon of the moment. Enjoy small things, value human relationships, seek welfare, escape stress ... are some of the secrets of hygge which the Danes practice to find well-being and feel happy.

There are those who attribute to the practice ofhygge the fact that Denmark has once again been the happiest country in the world according to the UN report on world happiness.

The Danish secret to being happy seems to have already settled in all areas of life. From decoration to gastronomy. Travel, fashion or, simply, an afternoon with the family. Because, in the end, it's about choosing simple, comfortable and relaxed plans and, of course, savoring them without haste.

Environment, harmony and pleasure to feel good inside and out, who find in their own care their best formula.

Why do Danes lead studies on happiness?

It is necessary to know their culture to explain the Danish welfare. It is not a quantifiable criterion but a concept that has no translation: Hygge, something like "the cozy" or "the good for the soul".

Hygge is to find the well-being in front of a lit fireplace, savor a warm wine with sugar and spices when the day has ended and it is only relax and loosen the body for rest, feel the aroma of a cup of coffee to activate in the morning .. "It's the meeting with family and friends to eat and spend time chatting, it's reading while the fire sparks, it's the smell of bread, the feel of a good wool sweater," says Helen Russell, author of the book The year we live in the Danish. For this author, the Hygge It has to do with "being good to yourself, having a nice time, not punishing yourself or not denying anything".

Ritual 'hygge' of beauty

According to the ritual hygge, beauty linked to well-being is the key to finding the balance between body, mind and soul, and serves as an antidote to disconnect from daily pressures.

Now in summer, the skin needs extra attention, and although the sun's benefits for the dermis are innumerable, its adverse effects can also be adverse, without proper care.

To prevent the summer from wreaking havoc on your skin and looking brighter than ever, the Germaine Goya Center in Madrid proposes a ritual hygge. Beyond the sun protection, 'must' essential during the summer period, the aesthetic medical clinic chooses 4 essential treatments to survive the summer that, in addition, add well-being. Because beauty is no longer just the efficacy, now enjoying is also essential.

4 'tips' to prepare the body for summer

1. Skin cleaning. The first step to look perfect skin. A deep facial cleansing is necessary to restore the lost brightness and luminosity to the skin and prepare the face to receive the summer. Adapted to each type of skin, from the hand of specialized cosmetics and without losing sight of the hedonistic experience behind each treatment.

2. Treatment of Vitamin C. The most powerful illuminator of nature. A powerful antioxidant that nourishes, tightens and densifies the skin and also diminishes the pigment of the spots, acting as a non-irritating bleach. A suitable treatment in summer that, in addition, has become its best basic to prepare it and, also, in a need to repair its after-effects, such as dehydration, sunspots and wrinkles.

3. Facial lymphatic drainage. Fresh and renovated air to alleviate the sun and heat. Activates the lymphatic system of the face and eliminates toxins through gentle expert movements. Gently, it reduces dark circles and eye bags and, in addition, is perfect for the well-being of the entire body.

4. Massages. There is nothing else 'hyggeling'to take a break and, in passing, eliminate tensions. Whether relaxing, therapeutic or exfoliating, the massage will add relaxation and well-being, as well as improving circulation, one of the main ones affected by the summer heat.

Happiness in small things, that's the new philosophy 'hygge' that from Denmark has come to stay.

Carmen Díaz Director of the Germaine Goya aesthetic medical center in Madrid.

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