The 10 best alarm clocks to never be late

We offer you 10 curious and original alarm clock models that will never let you lose time and always be the most punctual.

1. For lovers of superheroes. Those who want to feel protected by their favorite heroes will find in this alarm the answer. Batman will put aside his fight against crime to wake you up every morning with this nice watch.

2. For radio lovers. Some people prefer to wake up listening to their favorite radio station instead of the classic "ring". For them there is the excelvan alarm clock, which will allow you to open your eyes and find out about the latest news or the theme that your music station has chosen. Until we tune the dial with which we want to dawn.

3. For the classics. Those who have doubts about changes in these technologies, can resort to traditional mechanisms. The classic bell alarm is still available so that each morning you wake up with a "ring" that will evoke your childhood.

4. For those who want to have everything under control. If an alarm clock that wakes you up on time is not enough, topop mini meteorological station a device with built-in weather station will surely meet your demands. With this product you will get everything under control, from the day you live, to the temperature.

5. For dreamer children. The alarm clock Anself H4962 An alarm clock that will fill the room of the little ones with fantasy with its games of light and its multiple sounds. A very happy awakening that will surely make children start the day with good humor.

6. For futurists. They are already many years watching the time on a screen. Touch innovate. Some models, and for this the Mallon alarm allows you to see the time projected in a led light.

7. For athletes. Your passion for sports can accompany you in your dreams. Sports kids will be happy to wake up thanks to this alarm in the form of a soccer ball. Of course, be careful and do not chutes this ball to dream that you are a star of the football.

8. For oriental tastes the originals. The alarm bells have been accompanying people in their awakening for many years. With this model you can replace this sound with that of a gong.

9. For geek families. If you are a geeky world fan in your family, you can get Darth Vader good morning thanks to this alarm clock with the most famous villain in the entire Star Wars universe.

10. For those who hate to get up early. Many times the alarm clock sounds and the bad mood takes over people. For them there is this clock that goes off in a very special way: throw it against the wall.

Damián Montero

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