Summer camps: 7 reasons to point to your son

The summer camps They are presented as one of the best options for the smallest of the house. Once the school is finished, there is a lot of time that children have free. Taking advantage of it in the best way is very important for children and one of the priorities of parents. Learning languages, doing sports, crafts are some of the activities offered by summer camps. But, in addition we bring you these 7 reasons to point your son to a camp.

The camps are an excellent opportunity for children to leave home and learn to cope on their own, to understand that mom and dad are not going to solve everything. In a camp, the child goes from being the center of the world to being one more, he has to learn to share.

More and more families are encouraging themselves to enroll their children in these summer camps, either because they work or simply because they want their children to learn to function on their own, build their character and learn to put into practice values ​​such as generosity. or the acceptance of the other, all in a fun way. In addition, today, we can find custom summer camps that respond to all kinds of needs and desires: English, music and sports camps. The specialization of the camps makes it very easy to choose the one that best matches the age and individual characteristics of each of the children.

7 benefits of summer camps

Marta Marsá, coordinator of the Europeancamp camps of the European Children's School BEBIN and the European School of Madrid, presents seven reasons to point your children to a summer camp:

1. Have fun
The main objective when looking for a camp should be that children enjoy and have fun, to find in these activities unforgettable experiences in a relaxed context, but full of energy.

2. Learn in a practical way
In a summer camp, the way of learning is purely practical and fun, experimental. The content of the camps is focused so that the learning process is relevant and significant.

3. Develop social skills and abilities
Thanks to summer camps, children will be able to make new friends and they will be forced to adapt to a new environment, where they will have the opportunity to develop new social skills and which are fundamental, such as empathy, generosity or accepting another as is.

4. Create a habit and an order
Although it is true that the activities and tasks that are proposed in a camp are aimed at campers enjoy and have fun, we work, in turn, to promote order and routines. This fact favors the development of the will and habits of children, among other abilities.

5. Autonomy
In a camp, the child encounters new situations and experiences. Many of them, which will have to face for the first time, which will enrich both their autonomy and their learning.

6. Encourage communication skills
The child, at the end of his day (which will be full of new stimuli), will want to tell and share his experiences with his family. For this, it will be necessary to order the facts, choose the content to tell and argue their ideas. This process will enrich your capacity and communication skills and provide valuable information to the family.

7. Establish personalized attention
A summer camp is a way to respond to a need presented by families, who make sure that their children spend these summer days surrounded by excellent professionals who will use all their skills in the care of children, a fact that It brings great peace of mind to parents.

María Redondo

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