Know how to get old: how to get along the years we have?

We can not prevent the years from happening and with them our appearance changes and we get older. In a society in which youth is exalted, in which to be socially successful you have to be young, aging becomes a hard scourge to endure.

Many people live with anguish the weight of years and changes in their bodies, in their minds and in the social role they play. However, do you support the years you have? We can and must change the idea that we have about aging, and learn to appreciate each stage of life as a treasure, as an era full of moments, development and fulfillment.

Why does it cost us to grow old?

We live in a society in which youth is overrated, to the point of dragging the abyss to other stages of life. Youth is the ideal state and the other stages of development are relegated to the background denaturalizing. Not only happens with old age, childhood has also become a yearning to reach youth and is abandoning its meaning. With old age is worse, in childhood at least we have the consolation that youth will reach us, but in old age we only have the memories of a past youth and the resignation of having to accept that we are no longer socially good.

It is hard for us to grow old because our society transmits a negative vision of old age and maturity. We are forced to buy cosmetic products, miracle creams, magic shakes, new workouts, routines that keep us young, in an ineffective desire to hide wrinkles, gray hair, kilos on our body, etc. Each year that we fulfill becomes a punishment of destiny, which pushes us towards social decline.

Know how to get old: how to get along with age

Many people have serious difficulties in getting older, turning years into a continuous conflict that slows down and limits people. It is very important to change the vision we have of the years, of old age, and even of maturity or adulthood and learn to enjoy each moment of each stage of life.

4 healthy ideas to learn how to grow old

1. It is important to be aware that life has different stages and that each one is special and is a source of development and learning. Each stage will provide us with experiences and moments, experiences where we can develop.

2. Develop self-acceptance. Self acceptance that happens by accepting the age that we have and the aspect we have. Beauty depends on the eyes that look at it, the canons of beauty change constantly. Obviously we can not have the body or face of someone ten or twenty years younger, but we do not need it either.

3. It is essential to stop complaining about what we do not have, so we will not have it again and focus on what we have, on what life is giving us. Normally with the years it is much more what we gain than what we have lost, what we have lost is physical, but we have gained in development, in maturity, in friendships, etc.

4. Cultivating hobbies and interests is essential. Instead of worrying so much about staying physically young, which is practically impossible, worry about keeping your spirit young. Remember that you can do everything you want, everything you used to do, or what you want now, you only limit yourself.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz. Clinical health psychologist (collegiate number M-27405), specialist in pedagogy and child and youth psychology. Director of Educa and Learn. Author of the collection Stimulate Reading and Writing Processes.

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