How to prevent yihaidism from school

The Camilo José Cela University has launched an educational strategy of a socio-emotional nature called "Campus de Paz", for the prevention of jihadism among children and adolescents from school. This is a pioneering project in Spain, which will be applied in schools in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Ceuta and Melilla, which are particularly sensitive areas to attract or recruit future jihadists.

How to prevent terrorism from school

Preventing the problem of international terrorism through the education of children in school is the goal of this pioneering project carried out by the Camilo José Cela University. The project is committed to this emotional management system as a preventive weapon in the processes of radicalization and violent behavior.

The director of the project, Ignacio Sell, indicates that "the precise knowledge of our emotions and their proper management strengthen our human capacities by providing us with stable tools that help us to face radicalization, extremist narrative and violent behavior. "

The profile of the victims of terrorism

In practice, the project aims to clarify the profile of the victims, that is, what kind of children or adolescents are likely to be captured by the jihadist recruitment networks. To do this, the Camilo José Cela University will develop a teaching guide and conduct face-to-face and online training for teachers. In general, the profile of young people susceptible to being caught responds to boys with low self-esteem, insecure and with bad management of their emotions by living in unstructured homes or having been victims of bullying at school.

The Camilo José Cela University, with the "Campus of Peace", is launching an initiative that has been designed to help children who have been victims of terrorism and which consists of working with emotional intelligence techniques aimed at overcoming their problems. Iganacio Sell explains that * the experience of terrorism generates emotional sequels: depression, fear, hatred and anger, which are transmitted from generation to generation. The project aims to teach children to manage these feelings, through psychological resources. "

The breeding ground of terrorism

Spain and specifically the main Spanish cities are the key to the prevention of jihadi terrorism. Due to its geographical position, Spain has become Europe's gateway to the Maghreb and the increase in the radicalization rates of cities such as Ceuta and Melilla is particularly worrisome. The proximity of Ceuta and Melilla to Morocco makes the two Spanish cities key points in the prevention of terrorism through education.

Specifically, certain social circumstances feed the breeding ground for this radicalism to exist. One of them is the youth unemployment, in whose list Ceuta is at the top with 76%. Also there the school failure rate is 38.8 percent and 40 percent of the population is Muslim. With almost 85,000 inhabitants, the Muslim population represents 40 percent and, according to the Ministry of the Interior data, 24 percent of Muslims living in Spain who have traveled to Syria or Iraq to fight left Ceuta.

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