Arrives in Spain We are like this, the series starring actors with Down syndrome

We are used to seeing how in Spain all the series that have been preceded by a success in the United States are released. From a cranky doctor to the well-known Simpsons, there is a long list of formats that have landed in our country to become audience leaders. This time the American country surprises us with "Somos así", a new idea that has already triumphed on the other side of the pond and reaches our televisions to repeat a feat.

But what does this series have to create so much expectation? The answer is simple: its protagonists. We have already seen superheroes, presidents of the US government, police or doctors have their place in American fiction. This time it has been seven young people with Down syndrome, who will be responsible for making us stick to television with their adventures from next March 22 on the cable channel A & E.

Seven protagonists and their stories

This series narrates through the 'docu reality' format the daily life of seven young people: Cristina, Elena, John, Megan, Steven, Sean and Rachel. Throughout the series the spectators will follow from their screens the life of these protagonists and they will see how they work, how they have fun and how they face every day to the different challenges that, as to any person, they are presented daily.

Stories of improvement that will awaken the viewer's empathy to make each chapter accompany the protagonists in their adventures. For example, the audience will be able to follow closely the adventure of Cristina, a girl of Spanish origin who disembarks in the USA. This character will have to face learning a new language while taking care of his younger siblings, since Cristina is the oldest, and will have fun with his friends while cooking typical dishes of Spain.

The audience will also be able to accompany Steven, a young film aficionado who will be shown as a human encyclopedia in the seventh art. This protagonist has what is known as Down syndrome mosaic, that is, not all the cells in his body have the trisomy of par 21. This assumes that it does not have all the characteristics of a person with Down syndrome, which will lead sometimes to "feel in the middle".

Success in the US

The way of narrating the stories of these seven protagonists has made the audience interested in each chapter of this series. The viewers have responded well to this format that seeks inclusion by approaching the way of being, thinking and feeling of the protagonists. This has been reflected in the criticism that defines the format as something "refreshing and entertaining" for those who are used to "tele-reality".

It also highlights that these characters do not act as stars as in other formats, but instead "create very real situations" that anyone could live in their day to day. The critique also highlights that the seven protagonists are united by a common bond, their propensity to say exactly what they are thinking or feeling at certain moments.

This audience success and criticism has resulted in the confirmation of a second part by the producers of the series. A format that now comes to Spain to move every Tuesday the stories of these seven protagonists. The series is scheduled to premiere on March 22 at 22:55 on the cable channel A & E, one day after World Down Syndrome Day.

The life of a person with Down syndrome

As shown in this series, people with Down syndrome are totally equal to the rest in their day to day, with their virtues and their shortcomings, their desires and desires. That is why it is necessary a day to remind the rest of the population that people with trisomy in par 21 are people and voice to express how they want their life to be like every entity in the society in which they live and who often forgets about it.

Specifically, March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, which reminds us of this aspect. That the people with Down syndrome They are people with projects and abilities to carry them out and most importantly, they have a lot of love and affection to give us if we allow them. Series like "Somos Así" invite us to know about the reality of these people and how much they resemble us, being their only barrier the imagination to set goals.

Damián Montero

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