The role of the father during pregnancy

During pregnancy and in the first months of life, the child is mostly in contact with his mother, but does not live in isolation from it, but is in a social context that includes the father and other relatives. The influence of all these people is very great, both directly on the child, and through the mother when she is pregnant with him.

However, the role of all these people has attracted less interest and has been studied less. Perhaps because of Freud's theory that the relationship with the mother forms all subsequent relationships. This reduced the importance of the father figure.

There is a classic idea in which the father has an important performance already in advanced ages of the development of his son, in any case after the period of lactation. But there are discrepancies about this statement, as there is more and more evidence showing that babies in the womb, feel the emotions of the mother and need the affection of both her and her father and affect not only affects their brain development but also in the personality he will have in his future life.

How does the father feel during pregnancy?

According to midwife Helena Gunzbourg: "It is a mistake to think that pregnancy and childbirth only affect women, and man also lives a true revolution".

- The feeling of abandonment is one of the most recurrent. Physical changes in the mother (nausea, vomiting, sprained skin, difficulty remembering things) along with the idea that pregnancy can continue regardless of whether the father figure is present or not, can make many men feel excluded from the role they play in the upbringing and development of sushijos.

- A very common fear in future dads is the fear of not being a good father.The father may feel worried about having to support a family, fearful of not being a good example for the child and anxious about the newborn's care.

- Fear of changing lifestyle. Come as those exits with friends with no return hour, and lie down and get up at the time you want. Many changes will be necessary, however the arrival of the baby will give you happiness that any sacrifice will become insignificant

- Fears regarding the family economy and, above all, when the income that resulted from the contribution of the two in the not too distant future will be reduced to half. The key is to organize.

- Fear of not knowing how to take care of the baby. It is something that is not automatically learned as soon as you learn that you are going to be a father. But do not worry because it is something that is being learned day by day.

What can the father do to accompany during pregnancy?

The figure of the father is an emotional support in which the mother will support herself and that will help her to lead a quiet pregnancy that will be beneficial for the child that will be born. So, some of the things the father can do during pregnancy are:

1. Accompany your partner to medical checks: Go to the ultrasounds. See albebe can be a very positive experience.

2. Help the mother in maternal education classes (about the third term of pregnancy): Help in breathing, put into practice the massage guidelines, etc.

3. Search information: collect information on the internet, books, talks, etc.

4. Make the preparations: decorate the room, buy clothes, have a prepared lamaleta for "the big day", papers, etc.

For all this, the figure of the father who will play a key role during these months. Pregnancy will be a very special moment for both in the couple.

Borja Quicios Abergel. Psychologist specialized in Education. Author of the blog De hijos y padres.

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