8 refreshing water games for summer

With summer comes the heat and the desire to find cool plans to have fun with children. During the holidays, visiting places like beaches and pools allow us to get closer to that feeling of freshness and we can join our children in their summer games to spend as children sharing a quality leisure time with the family.

8 water games to play on the beach or in the family pool

Here you have 8 ideas of refreshing games for the summer season:

1. War of water balloons: the classic summer game ideal for the hottest days. Remember to fill enough balloons so that the war does not stay half. It is not easy for children to feel the urge to exploit them (or exploit them on them) so try to involve them in the task of filling water balloons, knotting them, piling them in a basin ...

2. Prisoner ball with water balloons: fill the water balloons and throw them at each other. When you catch them (or when falling), surely someone explodes!

3. Flying sponges: Each player will have a bucket full of water and sponges. You will have to pass them to each other flying by air. They will splash on each flight.

4. Careers with water cubes: you can take a bucket (not very big) or a big glass full of water. One of the children or adults will dictate the instructions to others indicating what they should do. For example: "run to that tree like a kangaroo and follow the leg on the dirt road." Who finishes the tour with more water in the glass, will win.

5. Wars in the float or on mats. Ideal for playing in the pool. A child will go on the mat or float and other members of his team will push him towards the opponent. They will have to try to make the opponent fall into the water.

6. Submerged treasures. Another pool game in which you will have to catch a floating treasure (for example, a float). You will have to say how the player should swim to the treasure: diving, swimming sideways, like a puppy * Who reaches your treasure before, wins.

7. Catch the treasure. Another way to play to catch a treasure, if you play with floats is that whoever takes it with his head or feet, never with his hands and take it to the starting point.

8. The water pilla-pilla. It consists in reproducing the classic pilla-pilla, but swimming. A fun way to play sports and have a great time practicing different styles.

Diana Martín Director of Mama has a plan

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