10 keys to take care of your skin in summer and protect it from the sun

Summer is coming and with it, in addition to the high temperatures and visits to the pools and the beach, the sun comes ... and our exposure to it. During the holidays we tend to be more unconcerned about our physical appearance and, therefore, the health of our skin, what Suffer a lot under the sun. For this reason, and so that after the summer you do not regret the excesses, here we leave you the keys to take care of the skin in summer.

Not only does the sun hurt our skin in the summer season: the salt water of the sea, the chlorine of the pools, the humidity of the coastal places... all these factors can cause our skin to suffer and lose that luminosity that has cost us so much work for the rest of the year.

The trick is to keep us healthy inside (eating well and exercising, among other things) and outside. Here are the 10 keys to take care of your skin that you should not forget in these months or the rest of the year.

Tips for perfect skin in summer

1.- Hydration. The body loses much more water in summer than at other times of the year due to the heat and humidity of the environment. It is important that you drink a lot, especially water, to recover the lost water. This, in addition, will help your skin look smooth and hydrated.

2.- Sunscreen. Essential in this time is to protect yourself from the sun, just as we do with our children. Sometimes we take more care of them than of us, but the effects of the sun affect us all equally. Apply sunscreen of, at least, factor 30 before leaving home, even if you do not go to the beach or the pool, so you will avoid possible skin cancer and spots on the face, as well as other ailments.

3.- Moisturizing cream. Together with hydration by means of water and sun protection, we highlight the need to use cream A routine acquired during the year and that we often forget in these months: do not do it! It is essential to keep skin hydrated and, therefore, beautiful.

The moisturizer is not only used for the face: it is also good to keep the body hydrated and not forget your "ritual of hydration" twice a day. Your skin will thank you!

4.- Use tonic. It's good to also keep closed pores and fresh skin, something that is achieved using tonic or rose water: its natural cooling properties make it a great tonic for our skin.

5.- Clean your face. All this is related to this point: clean your face twice a day. Cleansing and hydration are synonyms of beautiful and beautiful skin, especially before sleep.

6.- Exfóliate. In cleaning it is good that you exfoliate the skin to Remove dead skin. In addition, this improves circulation, so the exfoliation has a double benefit.

7.- Avoid drinks with gas. When we have talked about which is the best drink, we always refer to water. The rest of the drinks, especially soft drinks, have too much sugar that make them undesirable for the skin. Also, it is advisable not to take diuretic foods such as alcohol, as they reduce the water in our body.

8.- Eat well. If during the whole year the intake of five servings of fruits and vegetables they are fundamental, more in summer: it is advisable to increase the consumption of those rich in lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C, as tomatoes, watermelons, carrots, pumpkins, oranges and lemons.

9.- Hours to sunbathe. Putting yourself "back and forth" can give you the tan color you're looking for, but your skin will suffer a lot from exposure to the sun, mainly if you do it at the worst hours. Avoid, as much as possible, the sun between 10 o'clock in the morning and 4 o'clock in the afternoon, which is when the rays are strongest.

10.- Put on hats and hats. There are very nice ones and, as well as you are fashionable, protect the skin of your head and ears, the forgotten ones.

The important thing, as always, is moderation: take advantage of summer and vacations, but do not forget to take care of yourself inside and out and take advantage of free time to do more sport, because physical activity also affects later on a much prettier skin.

And remember, Tanned is not "burned". It is normal to want to "catch a little bit of color", but do it with a head and never put your health at risk.

Angela R. Bonachera

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