Five keys to go to the April Fair in Seville with children

On Tuesday, March 21, the most famous begins in Seville April Fair. Whether you live in the Andalusian capital or if you are going to visit it on these dates, remember these tips to have a great time with children and take full advantage of this huge and spectacular party. Seville It has many attractions, do not miss one of the most famous! I'm sure you'll want to come back.

The booths and the atmosphere of the April Fair

The April Fair It has more than one million square meters spread over 15 streets, 26 blocks and 1,400 booths. Therefore, it is best to go with a map of the site and, of course, look for references to avoid getting lost, because many streets are similar.

The vast majority of booths are private and require an invitation to enter; in fact, the entrance is free only in 16 booths, to which you can enter without problems with friends or with children and take everything you want while you enjoy the music and atmosphere so characteristic of this party.

As for the environment, the fair in Seville is very crowded and the truth is that the environment is not the same in the morning at night. In the morning you can walk around the fairgrounds or take a ride on the many horse-drawn carriages. That is how, starting at eight o'clock in the afternoon, the horses no longer travel through the streets of the Fair, and young people begin to concentrate.

What footwear to take to the fair?

The best thing to go to the fair of the capital of Andalusia is that you opt for Comfortable shoes and, above all, that it can get dirty for you and for the little ones. This is because the streets of the fairgrounds are covered with a golden colored land called albero (the same as there are in the bull rings), which stains the shoes a lot.

Where to go with the children to the April Fair?

Children will have a great time in the area of ​​attractions, which in Seville are known as 'cacharritos'. So, if you go with children, the obligatory stop must be the 'Street of Hell', whose name is due to the volume to which these are 'little things' From Turismo de Sevilla remember that this area is quite large, so it is best to set a visible meeting point in case you get confused at some point, like the Ferris wheel. You will have a great time in this area!

How should I dress?

It is true that the most traditional is dressing up as a gypsy with flamenco dress, but quiet: if you do not have or do not feel like it, nobody obliges and not everyone does it, especially at night, when people tend to dress more elegantly. Yes, cheer up and put some flamenco touch: a carnation in the hair, big earrings, shawl ... let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere!

What you can not miss from the April Fair

The two most important moments of the April Fair are the 'alumbrao', when all the bulbs of the enclosure are lit together with the great cover, and the fireworks, which symbolizes the closing of the party with an impressive pyrotechnic show.

Of course, you can not miss the opportunity to drink the typical drink of the party: the rebujito, a refreshing drink made from the mixture between chamomile or fino with lemon-lime sodas with gas. Do not forget to try fried fish, you will love it.

Angela R. Bonachera

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