How to organize a baptism

If you think baptize your baby, soon you will realize the great amount of things that you must take into account. It is a very special day for families, so organizing it well is essential, although we should not be overwhelmed because everything is perfect, we must also enjoy this beautiful day!

Although each family can celebrate the christening of their child as they please, there are certain aspects that can help those who are a little lost in the organization of this kind of events. We summarize them here.

What is the ideal age for baptism?

Sometimes it is possible that doubts arise about what is the ideal age to baptize the child. In this sense, the Church says that anyone who has not yet been baptized, that is, young or older children or even adults, can receive Baptism.

The reason for baptizing children when they are small is, they explain from the Archdiocese of Madrid, because "born with original sin, they need to be freed from the power of the evil one and transferred to the kingdom of freedom of the children of God."

Now, there are dioceses where they set a certain age limit, like in the Canary Islands, where Children must be baptized before they reach the age of six. If they have not reached this age, then the procedure is different: the child must go to the Catechesis to prepare First Communion and, just before doing it, he will be baptized.

Choose the place of baptism

Baptism as a religious holiday It is celebrated in the parish, so the first thing you should do is choose where you want to baptize your baby. In general, many families choose the parish from their neighborhood, the one to which they are linked by a special bond (where the parents married, for example) or one that they like for some reason.

Although the ritual of baptismit is always the same, each parish can have different "rules" about the requirements of baptism. Therefore, the moment you decide where you would like to baptize your baby, the first thing you should do is contact the pastor to explain relevant issues such as the dates available for baptism, if you want one in particular top reserve it with time, especially if the temple is popular.

It will also inform you about the meetings to which parents and godparents must go before the baptism of the baby to prepare you about the meaning of this celebration, and about the different rates that apply (in some parishes may vary, especially if they are in high demand) .

Choosing godparents for baptism

Choosing godparents is also important. According to Christian tradition, godparents will be the guardians of the baby and will serve as "spiritual guides" for the child if their parents are missing for some reason, so it is recommended that someone be close to the family.

Not only that, godparents must be confirmed, baptized and with First Communion, so this should also be taken into account. Even so, there are cases in which the sponsor is allowed to prepare the confirmation at the same time as the baptism of the baby, something that you should inform yourself in the parish. Finally, if the godparents are married, it must have been for the Church.

The budget of baptism

The budget of baptism is another factor to consider for this celebration, although everything depends on what kind of party you want. That is, the ritual of baptism just It costs money, But everything else that accompanies the celebration can make the bill rise.

Many times it is customary to memories what can be with Photographs of the baby to deliver them during the celebration, so here it is best to consult in several places and, if you organize it in advance, be attentive to offers and contests. Many photographers who are starting and want to offer interesting packs of photos, everything is to be attentive.

About food, nobody obliges to make a great celebration. Keep in mind that baptism is a family celebration, so do not be overwhelmed if you do not have much budget to make a great party. You can simply invite the closest relatives, or opt for a lighter menu type 'cocktail'. Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy this day with the most loved ones.

Clothes for baptism

Like all rituals, clothes are important in baptism. There are stores specializing in baby clothes for baptism and the truth is that there are clothes and shoes of many prices. Keep in mind that it is something your baby will only use once, so a good method to save can be to use it second-hand: borrowed by a relative or friend. Luckily, although there are also fashions, the truth is that the models of clothes for baptism hardly change and, when used so little, they do not usually spoil.

If you are going to buy the suit, keep in mind that baptism clothing usually comes in sizes ranging from 0 to 24 months. If your child is older because you have preferred to wait, you can dress him simply with white clothes that you will find in any store.
Of course, if you are going to baptize your baby when he is small, keep in mind that they grow very fast: do not buy the suit well in advance.

Finally, keep in mind The materials of the suit: your baby will be several hours with him, so it is better that it be soft fabric and not too tight. It is also advisable to bring a second suit more 'informal' if after you are going to make a family meal: you will change the baby and will be more comfortable.

Angela R. Bonachera


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