Aquatic plans with children to enjoy

With the arrival of summer, many parents are looking for plans outside the home, in the open air. with which to combat the rigors of this summer season. Bathing is the most refreshing and appetizing activity to escape from the rigors of family heat, but before taking a dip in natural spaces, pools or water parks, it is advisable to take into account a series of measures to avoid unnecessary risks.

The essentials of summer in family

If you are thinking about aquatic plans with children to enjoy, for any outdoor outing in summer, it is essential to bring:
- Caps
- Sunscreen applied before leaving home and reapply frequently. We must not forget areas of the body that we do not usually consider in the protection of the skin even if they are also exposed to the sun, such as the ears or the toes
- Water. Always carry bottles or thermos with fresh water to avoid heat dehydration.
- Appropriate shoes, recommended non-slip rubber slippers that hold well to the foot to go to the pool or other spaces with wet and slippery floor.

Bathrooms in natural environments

The ideal places to take a dip in the middle of nature are our favorite proposal.
Generally, these places are in the middle of privileged areas that lend themselves to combining the bath with a small hiking route, a relaxing day and some didactic plan.
In these spaces it is very likely that you will find Environmental Education Centers and localities with history, so do not just stay in the bathroom because you would surely be missing interesting things.
1. Bathing in a pond, reservoir, river, swamp, lake ... It is not an experience that our children enjoy every day so, be prepared to have fun.
Before organizing the visit, do not forget to know very well the "how to get there", where to park and what services the selected place has. It is not advisable to go knowing only what some acquaintance has told us vaguely because in this case it is very likely that we will not find the area we are looking for and we will stay in another place of the river, for example, where the bathroom may not be authorized.

2. It is essential to go to the authorized bathing areas. In the case of Madrid, there are only 5 sites where swimming and water sports are allowed. Although many more are popularly spoken, only these 5 spaces have adequate facilities and the cleanliness of their waters is duly analyzed by the Ministry of Health.

Swimming pools and water parks

1. Water parks or water attractions. It is advisable to buy tickets online and in advance. This will help you save some money.

2. A visit to the public pool with family. As in any outdoor visit, never forget the essentials for the sun (water, cream and cap). Depending on which pool you go to, it may be advisable to go first now because the entrance in the morning or afternoon is so full that it is not possible to find a place in the shade and, with the children, it is always better to sit under a tree or umbrella. Be very careful with "older" pools; usually fascinate the little ones and it is common for them to run away from dad or mom to try "that water".

The swimming vessels are not usually fenced and, although there are lifeguards, nobody better than you to keep track of the children. Certainly, it should not be necessary to say this "do not lose sight of the children", but we say it precisely because we are parents and, although we know what to do, sometimes they move so fast that it is better not to forget the little phrase or a second because even as we look at them, they disappear!

3. Private pools with children. Attention especially with those that cover a lot and are not fenced. It is common in private pools: they are designed for adults. If, in addition, you bring food, change your place to consume it, or you risk ending up with a lot of ants underfoot. With children, always be very careful. Slips are frequent in the pool and you have to be very attentive to get rid of a blow.

Diana Martín, Mama's director has a plan

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