Toyota introduces the new Yaris

Toyota presents the new Yaris, which includes novelties in the exterior and interior design, with higher quality finishes, new equipment and changes in the frame to improve the driving feel and ride comfort.

The front of the new Yaris is based on the development of design concepts 'Keen Look' (powerful image) and 'Under Priority' (lower priority) of Toyota, enhanced by the structure in the form of 'X' with the top and bottom separated. The headlights incorporate a new technology of lamps with projector for both long and short lights. The daytime running lights _'Daytime Running Lights' (DRL) _ are LED technology. On the back, the new design of the bumper with integrated diffuser stands out.

Toyota Yaris: Exterior and interior

Changes abroad also affect the range of alloy wheels, of 15 and 16 inches. Unlike the previous generation of the Yaris, now all the versions share the same general design, and only slight variations distinguish each variant, including the Yaris Hybrid.

The interior has also undergone major modifications to improve driving pleasure and comfort. Special emphasis has been placed on the quality of the materials, and both the tact and appearance of the same have changed markedly with respect to the previous model. The new Yaris offers a wide variety of upholstery, with a new fabric design and new colors for each version.

The equipment has also been renovated and improved, with elements such as the Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system, the rear camera of aid to maneuvers, folding exterior mirrors automatically, the cruise control or the dual-zone climate control.

All this is combined with the work developed in the frame to improve the driving feel, the comfort of the suspension and the acoustic insulation of the passenger compartment.

Four versions of Toyota Yaris

The new Yaris is available in four versions, two gasoline Yaris 70 and Yaris 100, a diesel (Yaris 90D) and a hybrid (Yaris Hybrid). The latter already accounts for about a third of the sales of the Yaris range and has been improved to adapt to the Euro 6 pollution control standard. With several adjustments, it has been further reduced its emissions of CO2, from 79 to 75 g / km, standardizing an average consumption of less than 3.3 l / 100 km.

The petrol engines 1.33 VVT-i (Yaris 100) and diesel 1.4 D-4D (Yaris 90D) incorporate modifications designed to reduce noise and vibration, while the 1.0 liter 3-cylinder petrol engine (Yaris 70) has has undergone a major renovation to improve performance and reduce emissions.

The development of the new Yaris has had an investment of 85 million euros, with 576,000 hours of R & D and the design of more than 1,000 new components. Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has contributed to its creation by 75%, much more than 25% of the model that was presented in 2011.

The new Yaris will be available in Spain in the second half of 2014. Along with the Toyota Yaris, other monovolumne that are on the market are the Citroën C-XR Concept or the Ford Kuga.


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