Five ideal activities for hyperactive children

Among the most frequent features of children with hyperactivity are the constant movements of the feet and hands, the need to get up frequently or talk continuously and impulsive behavior. With these attitudes, hyperactive children tend to misbehave, and boredom worse. Finding activities that motivate and entertain them is essential.

How to entertain a child with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, is a neurobiological disorder that begins during childhood and affects between four and seven percent of children. If your child is one of these hyperactive little ones, you probably think about what kind of activities are best for him.

Entertaining a hyperactive child is not easy: their "nervousness" makes them jump from one thing to another, and they need activity so they do not get bored. Therefore, there are some specific activities that can be useful in these cases: they entertain, entertain and, in addition, do well to their disorder. One of them is dance, which helps them control motility, harmonize movements and improve social behavior ... or yoga. But they are not the only ones: we propose some activities that are perfect for afternoons, weekends and holidays. children with hyperactivity.

Sports in nature for hyperactive children

Most children, whether they are hyperactive or not, love to spend time away from home. Outdoor exercises such as cycling and hiking are especially good for children who have a lot of energy. Unlike many team sports such as basketball, baseball and soccer, there is no pre-established schedule. Your child will be constantly moving and using large muscle groups, as well as staying attentive while watching everything around him.

Music and children with ADHD


Unlike other activities that work on the right or left side of the brain, music exercises both sides at the same time, making the brain work better in multitasking. Now, music should be used as an object in itself: not in the background to relax the hyperactive children, because they will not know where to focus their attention.

Targeting your child to a band, an orchestra or a choir is good for him because, in addition, they learn to work as part of a team, something key in hyperactive children. Likewise, it is very useful for hyperactive children with attention deficit that start with an instrument that does not combine the technique with other associated activities such as reading to allow focusing on a single activity.

Swimming, recommended for hyperactive children

Surely many of you remember the medalist swimmer in several Olympics Michael Phelps: he is hyperactive (diagnosed since he was nine years old). Perhaps trying swimming in your hyperactive child is not such a bad idea: constant movements keep your child with constant energy and, in addition, the discipline that this sport requires will also be good for him.

The theater and hyperactive children

The theater has multiple benefits for both children and adolescents and, also, for hyperactive children. Having to memorize the texts, practice regularly (and repeat the same thing several times), the embarrassment of going on stage * all these situations give children a routine and help them focus their attention.

"Old-fashioned" games for ADHD

Chess and other "old-fashioned games", that is, most of those who do not rely on new technologies to perform are very good at teaching them to focus their attention, while their small victories will increase their self-esteem. Playing this kind of board games helps your child gain confidence and learn to concentrate, and the way to do it is simple: practice a lot. The more you play, the more you want to repeat to try other strategies.

Television and video games, better away

Finally, this recommendation is not aimed at activities that hyperactive children can do, but those that do not: television and video games are not recommended for children with this type of disorder.

Television and video games do little to channel the energy of the little ones: rather they distract them from their responsibilities. Therefore, avoid your children (hyperactive, but also if they are not) all day sitting on the couch watching television or playing video games: encourage them to go out and experience reality and enjoy nature.

Angela R. Bonachera

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