Viral video: teenage children, when they need you the most

Although sometimes we worry more about our children when they are babies or still children because they consider them more vulnerable, the stage of adolescence is no less worrisome. It constitutes a stage of great instability in the lives of people and parents should be very attentive to support our children in everything they need.

For this reason, the Federation of Large Families of Euskadi, Hirukide, integrated into the Spanish Federation of Large Families, has released a video for parents on the importance of being there when our children are going through a difficult stage in their lives.

In just one week, the video is about to reach 40,000 views on YouTube.

The intention of this video is to reach those parents who are currently facing the adolescence of their children, a difficult but very important stage of their lives. Try to help families who do not know how to handle the conflicts that arise daily at home; It reminds us that we were also adolescents, rebels and independent, and that everything happens.

Adolescence, message for parents

To date, in Spain there are more than three million young people between the ages of 12 and 17, and more than two million homes in which mothers and fathers deal with them.

Adolescent rebellion can manifest itself in many ways, but adolescents continue to consider the family as a fundamental value. Therefore, as parents we have to show them that we love them when they least deserve it, because it will be when they need it the most.

With this Hirukide video, he wants to convey a message of encouragement and motivation to parents of teenage children. And to do so, they turn into protagonists those who consider that they can have more experience and empathy to give advice on this matter: the grandparents. They will be the ones who tell their children, now parents, that they were also teenagers, and remind them that "at your age you also questioned everything and did not want guidelines or rules in any way" or "remember that at your age you also jumped and, although many times you failed, many times you succeeded ".

"Love him when he yells at you and does not want to hear from you When his world collapses and he believes you are the cause, do not give in. Everything happens, love him when everything goes wrong and there is no way out. a fall."

The success of Hirukide

The video has obtained a great diffusion through social networks in its first week, having achieved almost 40,000 visits on YouTube. Although the initial idea was that it was only for courses and workshops for parents, the video has sneaked through social networks, where it has gained strength and has received a great reception in a few days.

This video is the continuation of a series of awareness videos that Hirukide has made to translate the importance of the role of the family in critical situations. "With the family, the comeback is possible" or "Being a mother is a plus" are other videos that highlight the importance of socio-labor insertion and the role of the family in that task.

Sara Pérez

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