Bath time: the game also gets into the bathtub

It is usually at the end of the day and for most it represents a moment of relaxation, but those of us who are parents know that this is not always the case and, what should be a pleasant moment, sometimes becomes a daily struggle.

This will depend on the age of the child. Habitually for the baby, the bathroom is almost always a moment of relaxation, enjoyment and close ties with their parents through words, songs or relaxing massages. But when he grows up and knows what the rules mean, he begins to make small decisions and difficulties can arise to put him in the bathtub.

But the bathroom should be a pleasant routine that is related to a positive moment. Then, how do we do it? Simply adding the game to bath time. So not only will you be discovering new sensations splashing in the water, but you will also get other benefits while complying with the hygienic function.

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Video: Bath Song | Cocomelon (ABCkidTV) Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

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