Week 25. Pregnancy week by week

You've been twenty-five weeks pregnant. Surely throughout your pregnancy every week you have already bought many things that you will need when your future child is born. If you are new parents, do not launch, ask around what things you may need. And even if they can leave you clothes, because babies grow so fast that sometimes they buy excessively.

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Physical and psychological changes of pregnant women

In week 25 of pregnancy, You will have already changed all your usual clothes for premam√° clothes for a while. If you were in the habit of wearing heels, you will have kept them in the back of your closet and the comfortable going will prevail as a general rule. It is normal to feel any of these symptoms:

1. Maybe you feel gas. This is because the uterus puts pressure on the intestinal loops. Avoid carbonated drinks and take green tea or chamomile infusions that can help you solve them.

2. You can feel reflux and burning annoying. Your whole body inside also changes. Try to relieve them with infusions such as chamomile or marshmallow.

3. Swollen legs, back pains or the urge to urinate, are normal. Your uterus grows and you can not help it, just relieve it.

The development of the baby during week 25

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After twenty-five weeks of pregnancy, the most characteristic thing is that now, your future baby opens his eyes. Finally the eyelids are separated and although he will not have his sight formed until a few months after his birth, he can perceive different types of lights. The color of the eyes will not be known until they spend a few months of life outside the uterus, but it is already defined by their DNA. This is the most relevant change, but there are others.

1. It already measures around 22 centimeters and weighs about 800 grams.

2. Of all your senses, the ear is the one that has most developed, so you can hear sounds of your mother's body. It is recommended that you put music to stimulate him.

3. It can be turned upside down, as if it were to be born. But it will not stay like this forever, the fetus moves constantly.

4. In the lungs the blood vessels develop little by little.

The health of the pregnant woman at week 25 of pregnancy

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Surely, in the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy, One of the symptoms that can cause more discomfort is fatigue. As a result of the growth of your uterus, the organs move. Because of this, the lungs go up and it is normal to feel that you lack air. The ribs widen and the breathing changes from abdominal to thoracic. To improve this discomfort, when you're lying down, you should put some pillows on your back. In addition, it is good to perform breathing exercises.

Control of pregnancy at week 25 of pregnancy

During weeks twenty-four to twenty-eight of pregnancy Second quarter analytics. The serology of the toxoplasmosis of the first trimester is requested in the case that it was negative, an analytical is performed to verify that the mother does not suffer from anemia and the O'Sullivan test is performed.

The O'Sullivan test is used to rule out gestational diabetes. In it glucose levels are measured. In the event that the mother is over 35 years old, has had another child who has weighed more than four kilos at birth or has suffered another gestational diabetes during another pregnancy, it will be done during the three trimesters.

Pregnancy calendar week to week

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