Marriage as a tool for preventing stroke

Finding the right person and forming a partner with her is one of the most beautiful events anyone can experience. To give with the love assures a companion for all the life in that it is possible to be trusted and next to that to form a family. There are many benefits offered by marriage, both emotionally and physically as demonstrated by the study of the Karolinska Institute.

The results of this study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, show that marriage It can be a valid tool when it comes to preventing problems as serious as heart attack or stroke. In addition, those people who stay with their partners have a greater chance of survival in the case of going through these conditions.

Less stress and more support

This study took into account data from 29,226 survivors to a heart attack. Those responsible for this study reviewed their marital status. This way they could verify that the majority of these people were married and the rate of people who had overcome this cardiac episode was lower than the rest. In this way, marriage is presented as a possible instrument for the prevention of heart attack or stroke.

The explanation? Those people in pairs drag a less stress since they carry out fewer activities and have support in their responsibilities. A lower load is translated into an anxiety that does not cause these problems to appear. On the other hand, having a person nearby in dangerous situations makes it more possible to ask for help at the time of these attacks.

Acting quickly in these cases means a greater possibility of survive to these attacks when they happen. However, those responsible for this research emphasize that these data should be taken with caution since other factors were also related to a lower risk of suffering heart attacks and stroke, such as the level of studies of patients.

Prevent heart attack

Although marriage is presented as a tool of prevention of heart attack and stroke, there are many other mechanisms to keep these problems away. Here are some tips for this:

- Goodbye to sedentary life. Less couch and more exercise, keeping the heart healthy helps the risk of heart attack to be reduced.

- Take care of food. Cholesterol has a lot to say about the risk of heart attack. Try to put aside fats and bet on the green will help the heart does not suffer.

- Goodbye to tobacco. Tobacco is never a good guest in case. Quitting smoking will be a great benefit for both the person and their relatives to avoid exposure to smoke.

- Medical check. Do not go to the doctor only when it hurts, a periodic visit to see the state of health will let you know if the risk of heart attack is high or low.

Damián Montero

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