More than 40% of young people in Spain feel indifference towards their grandparents

The grandparents also they suppose one of the most important elements within all family. Sometimes kangaroos of the smallest, in others an economic support in difficult times and great playmates for the grandchildren. But are the youngest aware of the importance of this figure in their lives? Do you value the relationship with the parents of your parents?

This is one of the questions answered by the March Barometer prepared by the Center for Sociological Research, CIS, which has questioned the participants about how they see the relationship of grandchildren with grandparents and if these treat with respect to these relatives, or if on the contrary they show indifference.

Little perception of interest

The CIS data reveals that the 41,8% of the respondents shows indifference towards their grandparents, perceiving little interest in maintaining this link with them. 12.1% notice some bad ways in dealing with these elderly people. On the other hand, 27.4% think that there is a link between the grandchildren and the parents of their parents.

Only 9.8% indicate that this relationship is marked by the affection and the closeness between both. For respondents, the roles are reversed when asked about the treatment that older people offer to young people and 45.6% warn that in this link there is "education and respect", at the same time 30.5% think that There is "closeness and affection" in this deal.

As for the way they relate to grandparents. The 66% He has lived, he does it nowadays, or he has spent great seasons with these relatives. 84.1% affirm that in these meetings they have heard stories on their part and something less than 70% rebels playing with them when they meet. On the other hand, the elderly seem to have a strong presence in special days such as Christmas or birthdays since almost 91% of respondents said they spent these days with the elderly.

Good evaluation of the elderly

And how do the respondents value the figure of the greater in society? 57.7% of the participants state that these people "bring great knowledge and experience". While only 1.3% admit it considers them as a burden for the population.

Of course, a generational break is evident as 47.4% of the participants agree with the statement: "Young people and adults do not easily agree on what is best for society" . A maxim with which "24.4% strongly agree." Only 18.9% indicate "little agreement".

Damián Montero

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