Questions to ask the children, get to know them and improve communication with them

Creating a link with the children supposes communicate with them. It is difficult to think about establishing a good relationship with the youngest of the house, and then take advantage of it when you reach your adolescence, if you do not talk to the children. However, it may seem that the generation gap is a wall between parents and children, what can you talk about? How to start a good chat with them?

To solve these situations, Psych Central, proposes several questions to ask the smallest and in this way initiate conversations with them. A way to get to know them and foster bonding between parents and children, in this way it will also help the child lose shyness to deal with their problems and make the child feel heard at home.

Questions to ask the children

From Psych Central it is suggested to the parents to ask all these questions to the smallest ones and to invite them to be the ones who answer so that they can be discovered to them and make parents know more about them:

- What are your strengths?

- If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

- What are your goals at school for this year? How are you going to get them?

- Who do you talk to when you have a problem? How does this person help you?

- What do you like to do to have fun?

- What's bothering you?

- What would you like your parents to know about you? What would you like your friends and colleagues to know about you?

- If you could ask for something, what would it be?

- What embarrasses you?

- At what time or situation do you feel most secure?

- If you were not afraid, what would you do?

- How do you realize you're getting angry? How do you put your body? What do you think at that moment?

- How do you differentiate from your friends?

- What do you do when it seems that someone does not like you?

- What are you most proud of?

- What do you control? And what not? How do you feel when you realize that some things are not controlled?

- What do you like about school? And what not?

- What do you do when you're stressed, or what do you want to do?


How to encourage communication in the family

It's not just about asking questions. We must also encourage communication within the family. These are some keys to achieve it:

1. A lot of patience, but remembering the limits.

2. Listen and understand to know what the child thinks about life, others, himself.

3. Do not create conflicts but do not shut up anything. It is a dialogue and not only the child speaks, parents also have the right to speak.

4. Be interested and not question.

5. Help him communicate his emotions. For this nothing better than to give example and show that nothing happens to talk about what one feels.

Damián Montero

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