Early morning meals, a risk to health

There are several basic needs that must be met in a person: sleeping, drinking, going to the service and eat. But, should they all be satiated the moment they sit down? The answer is no, at least as far as ingesting food is concerned, since taking something to the mouth at a later date can have health consequences, something that was already known in what to snack between hours and which now returns to be noticed with the study of National Autonomous University of Mexico.

This research, published in the journal Experimental Physiology, talks about the effects that eating during the night can have. An activity that must be eliminated in the smallest ones that are kept awake at night go to the fridge to eat something and that may have, in the long run, consequences for health. Because the best thing is always to meet five meals a day and avoid the introduction of food at odd hours.

Increase in blood fat

To analyze the effect of meals made after the start of a rest period, the researchers focused on a group of rodents who were given food just after they went to sleep. The study analyzed the blood fat level of these animals before and after starting this routine in them.

The researchers found that the level of fat in rodents shot up considerably after starting the period in which they supplied food after a moment of rest. In addition, the results showed that in the organism a habit was created that made him claim food at this time as a habit plus.

Transferring the result to the human organism, the first clear effect of eating after starting a period of rest is the beginning of a new digestion that makes rest difficult. Something that can affect school performance in children by not complying with the hours of sleep recommended by specialists. The second, as has been said, is the creation of a bad habit.

Eating at this time several days makes the body understand that at that time should eat food, so it will start to feel hungry as usual at night. This results in an alteration of the biological clock and also supposes an extra caloric contribution that leads to overweight and eventually, increased risk of coronary heart disease and other related conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

Show schedules

The schedules at meals are very important and must be inculcated in the smallest to avoid alterations in their organisms. These are some rules that should be clear at the time of sitting at the table:

- Five meals a day. Well distributed, food intakes satisfy any appetite: breakfast, mid-morning meal, lunch, snack and dinner, these must be the meals that each person in the household does.

- Avoid eating between meals. The amounts of food in each of these food intakes have to be the right ones, it has to satiate the appetite, without overdoing it. This way there will be no need to put something in your mouth when you do not touch.

- Hold your appetite. If you feel some hunger and do not miss much to eat, it is better to hold the pull and wait.

- The importance of breakfast. Do not call it the most important meal of the day for nothing, take advantage of it and charge the batteries at this time will ensure that hunger disappears throughout the day.

Damián Montero

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