Children with psoriasis, how to ensure a good summer

The mercury rises and the heat is already beginning to be noticed. The days get longer and the holidays come with many activities to do throughout the summer: going to the pool, beach vacations or hiking trails. All of these options can be very fun, but it also involves exposing the skin to elements such as Sun or the chlorine and the salt of the zones enabled for the bath.

In most cases it is enough not to go out during the hottest hours, to stay hydrated constantly and to use a cream with an adequate protective factor. In the case of those who have a problem in the dermis, we must take into account their particularities so that summer is a fun time. An example is that of children with psoriasis, these are some tips that can enjoy these months to the fullest.

Swimming in pools on beaches

You have to remember that the psoriasis It is a skin condition that causes scaling and swelling, making the dermis more sensitive so that chlorinated water can cause greater irritation in these children. For this reason the bathrooms in the pools should be short and be accompanied by a shower once the child leaves them to eliminate this product from their skins.

In the case of sea water, a bath of approximately 20 minutes It can help relieve the swelling that causes this problem on the skin and flake the dermis. Specialists recommend combining these dives with brief exposures to the sun, always using protective creams. In this way, children will feel more relieved of their itching thanks to the anti-inflammatory nature of the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.

Sun exposure

As has been said, the skin of psoriasis children is more sensitive than the rest, so care should be taken when taking walks during the day. That the ultraviolet rays help have an inflammatory factor does not mean that they do not have to take measures to counteract their influence on it.

It is recommended that children with psoriasis opt for moisturizing sunscreen creams to achieve a greater benefit. These patients should also follow the tips that lend themselves to the rest of the population:

- Avoid exposure to the sun during the hours of greatest activity of this.

- Stay hydrated constantly.

- Use graduated caps and sunglasses to avoid burns.

- Use the sunscreen creams before sun exposure so that the skin absorbs the components.

- Calculate the time of exposure and look for shadows when the skin begins to resent the sun.

On the other hand, it is possible that some of the treatments against psoriasis can interact with the sun to be derivatives of vitamin D. To prevent their effects are encouraged by the sun king, it is advisable to use them at night. Other therapies They can make the skin more sensitive, making it more vulnerable to the effects of ultraviolet rays, so it is advisable to suspend them until the end of the summer.

Damián Montero

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