The keys to attraction: 6 characteristics of people who seduce

The attraction It seems somewhat enigmatic, which does not always seem to follow rules or logic. Why do some people attract us and others not? Why are there people that we like and people that repels us? The thing gets even more complicated when we try to like it. Why is it difficult to attract who we want to attract and instead with other people we can have a lot of attraction?

The attraction, apparently has no cause or reason, and we tend to think that the attraction is blindWhen someone attracts us, it does not seem to follow any rational logic. However, there are some keys that can help us understand the process of attraction, and show that the attraction is not as blind as we can think.

The attraction: the identity of an amazing force

The attraction is something natural between people, it appears with an amazing force and when it appears the chemistry of our brain changes and gives us a force that moves us with a great impulse towards that person.

The attraction can not be controlled, and it is not blind, it follows a mysterious and subjective logic in which psychological, biological and cultural factors intervene. Beyond the physical, and contrary to what we usually think the attraction is mental. The physical can be more or less pleasant, but the real attraction, the determinant, has a mental basis.

What are the keys to personal attraction?

The attraction takes place in our mind, and encompasses a number of factors, which when joined together make that person irresistible to us. Let's see what those factors are:

1. A genetic or biological part, It makes us have a certain evolutionary tendency to select one type or another of people. The investigations, on it conclude that those features that are more attractive, like facial and body symmetry, are traits that could be associated with greater fertility or with less probability of genetic diseases.

2. Our personal experiences and the educational model, they are configuring an image of which we are aware, but which determines our attraction. In this sense we could talk about a cognitive and emotional component that intersect. On the one hand the education received transmits us some models that we internalize, and on the other hand our experiences are accompanied by emotions, and we tend to be attracted to those people who have generated positive emotions.

3. The sociocultural component. There are certain social and cultural models that change depending on the time and society.

The 6 characteristics of the people who seduce

Knowing what attraction is like, we can get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the people who seduce.

1. Not everything is physical. Self-confidence and security are key to seduction and attraction. People who are confident and confident show an attitude that attracts others.

2. Positive emotions. Everyone likes to feel good, positive emotions cause pleasure and wellbeing, they work like a drug and we tend to look for and want everything that generates positive emotions. The people they attract are usually smiling, cheerful people who infect with their energy and positive emotions.

3. Open body language. Body language is another key to people who seduce. An open body language, transmits confidence and makes people feel comfortable and without knowing why or the attraction will develop.

4. The smell. Different studies show that people can be attracted to smell, a pleasant smell is seductive, it also influences the hormonal level.

5. Independence. Another of the secrets of the people they attract is their independence, apparently they are people who do not need anyone, and who choose what they want not what they need.

6. The truthfulness. The people who seduce are people who show themselves as they are and are not afraid to show themselves that way. They are able to show their feelings, and to say without guilt, not fear.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz. Clinical health psychologist. Specialist in pedagogy and child and youth psychology. Director of Educa and Learn. Author of the collection Stimulate Reading and Writing Processes.

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