Children's pajamas: keys for safe use

Three are the things that should accompany a child at the time of going to bed: a good story, a glass of milk and a Pijama. However, this garment, which in principle may seem simple and does not entail danger, can generate several problems in the child if some notions of security are not taken into account and especially if the appropriate clothes are not acquired to spend the night.

In fact, as indicated by the Ministry of Health in its guide for safe products, in the United Kingdom 750 related injuries with the flammability of the clothes every year, of which 11% are fatal and 30% need hospital admission. Given these data it is convenient to have a series of security notions when purchasing a children's pajamas so that the dreams are as sweet as the children deserve and that there is no risk that accompanies the little ones to bed.

Why are children's pajamas dangerous?

According to the Ministry of Health, children are the age group that is most at risk of burns when playing with fire (matches, lighters, candles, stoves) while wearing pajamas. This is because the little ones are more prone to panic and when this garment it starts to burn, Fear prevents them from reacting and getting out of reach of the flames as an adult would. Girls are a group of high risk, due to the possibility that their clothes, looser and loose, come in contact with the flames.

In these types of situations you have to to act quickly Since every second counts, so the difference the longer the time passes and the reaction is delayed, more severe injuries can occur compared to those of adults. In the same way, some pajamas often carry laces or ties that are a potential danger of strangulation. You also have to be careful with the buttons that can be released and cause the child to drown.

Safety keys in pajamas

Given this risk that these sleepwear, The Ministry of Health also offers a series of steps to follow in order for your children to wear their pajamas as safely as possible:

-Do not use shirts or loose cotton garments, neither presses mixtures like pajamas for children, since these clothes burn with ease. It is necessary to use exclusively fireproof pajamas with the seal of quality.

-Supervise the children carefully before going to bed and just get up in the morning as it is the time they wear pajamas and any contact with fire can cause tragedy.

If you are thinking of buying a new pajama for your child, the Ministry of Health offers these guidelines when going to the store where you buy these clothes. This is what parents should keep in mind:

-Ensure that the pajama meets the European standards related to textile flammability.

-Buy only fireproof pajamas and that fit the body.

-The fireproof garments are made of materials resistant to fire or have been treated with retardant materials, so they do not continue to burn once they move away from the flame. However, some of these chemicals can cause health and environmental problems. Therefore, the best option is to buy pajamas that are not treated with toxic materials.

-The tight pajamas They are made with elastic cotton or mixtures of this material with other fabrics, so they fit the child's body. There is less chance of these tight garments coming in contact with a flame and if they do, the lower concentration of oxygen between the child and the clothes will cause the flame to not spread so quickly.

-Do not buy pajamas with buttons or laces and long ties, since the child can choke or strangle themselves with them.

Damián Montero

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