229 activities to commemorate the fourth centenary of Cervantes

The IV centenary of the death of Cervantes already has a program The State will spend four million euros in financing the 229 activities that contemplates the official programming. In addition to the approved projects that include exhibitions, concerts, theater, dance, cinema..., the official program will continue open.

The creators, agents and institutions that wish may participate by submitting their proposals until April 23. For this programming the central Administration has contributed 4 million euros of budget.

Activities planned for the fourth centenary of the death of Cervantes

1. Exhibitions. The one organized by the BNE and Acción Cultural Española (AC / E) stands out Miguel de Cervantes: from life to myth. 1616-2016, which will open on March 2.

Other exhibitions will be 16 characters that marvel and Miguel de Cervantes, of AC / E; Legplates around the world, of the Cervantes Institute and AC / E; or Forges and Cervantes, organized by the Community of Madrid.

2. Musical and scenic proposals of the INAEM. The concerts stand out Miguel de Cervantes: travel and utopias Y Cervantes dances and adventures and the Ballet of Don Quixote, by the National Dance Company, which is scheduled to tour in Spain, which will later continue in Mexico and end at the Lincoln Center in New York.

For the celebration of the Cervantes year to be present in all countries, all those with a Spanish diplomatic presence will enjoy different activities in the embassies, the cultural centers of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the Institute. Cervantes.

All events related to the IV Centenary of Cervantes will have a special relevance in Latin American countries, and Spain will be this year invited country in the Cervantino Festival of Guanajuato in Mexico, and in Uruguay, while Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile will host also activities, which will also reach Moscow and Shanghai.

The work of Cervantes, still a great unknown

Although the plot of the famous novel by Cervantes is known all over the world, and throughout the world, Quixote and Sancho Panza have been heard, The Barometer conducted last July by the CIS Sociological Research Center revealed that only two out of ten Spaniards say they have read the work of Cervantes. And of them four out of ten have read it for personal interest or general culture. However, among those who mention Don Quixote, half do not know what their real name is, Alonso Quijano.

The opposite side of the CIS barometer indicates that four out of ten people have not read the novel, which accounts for 40.9 percent of respondents. 51.3% believe that it is a "rather difficult to read" work. 66% of those who have answered this consider it difficult because of the language in which it is written and 16.4 argue that they have not done so because it refers to a very old age.

Among those who have read the book, only 21.6% say they have read it completely, another 21% some chapters and 40.9% have not read it. Of these, 54.1% did so for study reasons and 30% for personal interest.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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