Selfies, 72% is published on social networks

Who has not done today a selfie ever? A selfie It is a selfie that we perform with a mobile phone. It is the modern version of the self-portrait, made with a digital device. The fondness for selfies has been growing rapidly and in line with the popularity of social networks, so according to a survey conducted by the company Energy Sistem, 72% of selfies goes to social networks, Facebook and Instagram fundamentally.

At the same time, new smartphones or mobile phones come out each time with more sophisticated camera systems and even most of these devices already have photo-shooting functions that make it easier to take selfies.

Women become more selfies than men

According to data from the Spanish technology brand Energy Sistem, it is clear that women are the users who take the most selfies at the end of the day with respect to men. They make an average of 12 more selfies per day than men and, therefore, they have become the main protagonists of social networks.

There is a wide variety of profiles, the most active being that of women between 25 and 35 years old. Here the Welfie is the most used typology that consists of taking photographs while practicing in the gym or in any public space.

The motivations behind a selfie they are difficult to determine, but in general those that the most cited reasons are:

- Call the attention of other people.
- Lift self-esteem.
- Presuming achievements or moments.
- Create a message for a specific person.
- Spend a moment of fun.

How to make a good selfie?

1. Lots of light Good selfies come out better with natural light. Find the right angle and intensity.

2. Selfie stick. Use the stick or stick for your signals. The extended arm is no longer in use. You can also use a mirror and a tripod.

3. Explore your "good side". Place the camera at eye level and angled, not in front.

4. At waist height. If the photo is full body, try to take it with the camera at waist level.

5. Panoramic. To take good selfies in the trips, take reference of the distances and angles to collect all the landscape that you want.

Types of selfies

Energy Sistem has created a small compilation, beyond the Welfie, or selfie practicing sport, of the 10 most used selfies by smartphone users, highlighting those of the famous ones or those of pets.

1. Girlfie. These are group selfies of 3 or more girls. Without a doubt, they are the most performed snapshots and the ones that abound most in social networks.

2. Belfie. Fashion positions by celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian or the singer Rihanna, these are selfies in which the figure of the body is shown and not the face. A posed with clothes that stand out.

3. Footfie. These are selfies in which the feet and the context in which they are displayed are shown; with the beach in the background, a large pool, in the garden or in the hammock

4. Carfie. They are the typical selfies that are made from the car. It appears on the seat, usually with glasses or to show your new vehicle or the trip you are about to make.

5. Foodfie. Take pictures of everything that is eaten or will be eaten. More and more fashionable.

6. Hotelfie. Selfies shown on the bed of a luxury hotel, where the room is seen and if the views are shown, much better.

7. Jelfie. Spontaneous group photos in which one more adds to the image without notifying others.

8. Jobfie. As the name suggests, selfies made at work where you see or notice the work environment.

9. Mom Selfies. Self-portraits of mothers with their children in the foreground.

10. Petfie. Selfies of pets in which the pet or pets appear as if they were posing: lying on the bed, on the sofa or in any other corner of the home.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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