Christmas gifts: original ideas to wrap

Christmas is just around the corner and, although for the night of Three Wise Men there is still time, surely many have already bought the gifts of yours. Probably you have them hidden in the storage room or you have not taken them out of the trunk of the car. What are you waiting for?

Maybe you're afraid to leave them at home wrapped in if someone by the shape of the package senses what it is. You are in luck! Wrapping Christmas presents can be one of the funniest, most creative and surprising Christmas mandays. We give you several original ideas to wrap Christmas gifts and that nobody can know what they have inside.

Paper: figures to wrap male Christmas gifts

As well as when you make a gift you think about the person to whom it is addressed in order to try to hit with their tastes and desires, now you can find the package that goes the most with your personality. If you have the typical friend who does not take off his suit or sleep, why not wrap his gift for this Christmas with a package in the shape of a shirt? Look at this video!


Travel suitcases: ideas to wrap Christmas gifts for the most travelers

Is not it a super original idea? Surely it surprises you and makes you a lot of illusion! After all, with gifts like this you are showing people that you have dedicated a pinch of your time to thinking about them. In the following video you can see a very creative way to convert a box into a travel bag. Are you going to give something to a person who loves to travel? Forget the bags! Put your gift in a cardboard box and see how it looks!

Doilies: ideas for wrapping feminine Christmas gifts

If you have to give something to a woman and you do not know exactly what her hobbies are, you can always opt for the idea that we present below. The doilies that are the basis of our cakes and cakes can also decorate the typical paper bag that appears in the movies. Of those browns without handles. There are also prints. Do they sound good? If you have gone crazy looking for them and you have not found them, you can go to a stationery store and ask for "kraft paper" to make them yourself. Take note of how you can decorate them later!

Fabrics: vintage ideas to wrap Christmas gifts

But our ideas do not end here. If you have not been convinced by any of our previous proposals, we will reveal two more ways to wrap Christmas gifts. The first comes from the Japanese custom of wrapping gifts with cloth. You can choose the fabric and the pattern that you think the person you are going to make the gift will like the most. It can also be a good idea to buy a plain fabric and decorate it with textile markers. You can find them in craft stores and stationery stores. The technique of wrapping gifts with cloth is called furoshiki.

With burlap cloth. If you have at home some jeans that you no longer use, with these you can also look great. And now that you wear the vintage, you will surely love the option of burlap cloth. That's how burlap sacks are!

Candies: ideas to wrap Christmas gifts for children

The fifth and last idea that we are going to give you is great for children. Wrap your gifts in the sweetest way! Turn them into candy! Cellophane paper is very useful for this. Also pinocho paper. You need scissors and ribbon to tie. You can use the classic ties. Stick a lollipop to the surface of the package so you do not get hungry!

These are our proposals but remember that you can always resort to the traditional way of wrapping gifts or ask to be wrapped in stores and then add a detail at home. Use:

- Dried flowers

- An original photo

- Beads of letters for the name of the sender

- A sprig of cinnamon (on kraft paper it looks beautiful if you tie it to the package with cord)

- Candies or jellybeans

If you want to play a joke on someone, you can wrap their gift a thousand times. Because the good always makes you wait!

Elisa García

Video: Life-Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks

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