Cybersecurity, who needs it most?

Social networks are a double-edged sword. Adolescents are the most vulnerable group. Some still approach them without knowledge of the consequences that can come with publicly revealing content and images. Therefore, professionals in the cybersecurity sector have met one more year the Sports Palace of the Community of Madrid to explain to parents and children the keys to security on the web and how to make good use of the new technologies.

Cybercamp has given talks and workshops in which large companies from the world of communication and engineering have participated. Over a weekend, attendees were able to understand that uploading an image and giving it visibility not only affects a greater or lesser number of likes Y followers but it contributes to the dissemination of a lot of information about us and about our environment, which can be accessed easily and quickly.

Therefore, Chema Alonso, cybersecurity expert and Cybercamp speaker, explains that "governments know that cybersecurity and information security are fundamental" and graphically qualifies them as "the weapon of battle". Keren Elezari, another of the speakers, agrees with Alonso in this aspect and adds that "if we want the society of the future to be modern and free, it only depends on the security of technologies".

INCIBE watches over security on the web

INCIBE is responsible for the annual celebration of the event, which is the National Cybersecurity Institute. We owe it to this institution that more and more children and adolescents are aware of the care they should have with the new technologies. To use the web you have to take into account:

- What will I post?
- Where will I post it?
- With whom I am going to share

Young people look at the Internet window at younger and younger ages, so only if we manage to make them aware from the start that they are as dangerous as useful and entertaining, will we sleep peacefully knowing that they are doing the right thing and we will not have to chase them nor control them at all times.

Who needs more cybersecurity?

The use of the Internet has become very popular in recent years. It is an important source of information and contributes to the establishment and strengthening of relationships and social ties both in the group of young people and in that of adults. However, if we refer to the data issued by the latest reports from the National Institute of Statistics, we can verify that the use of the Internet is a majority practice in children under 10 to 15 years of age, with 92.3% in children and 91.6% in girls.

Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 use the Internet the most (99.2% for boys and 97.5% for girls). When age increases, Internet use decreases in men and women, being the lowest percentage in the age group of 65 to 74 years (31.5% for men and 21.5% for women).

These data lead us to the clear conclusion that it is the adolescent group that demands more attention to cybersecurity, but nothing can be done without their collaboration because they generate content for the web and have to be aware of which is the best way to do it.

A twist to cybersecurity

With meetings like this one, cybersecurity gains followers and grows in importance. Currently, it is one of the sectors that requires more professionals. So much so that many companies go to colleges and universities to hire staff, still insufficient. There are many vacancies and few specialists. Deloitte, Ernst & Young, GMV, Blueliv, Everis, Internet Security Auditors, Dimension Data, Salemware and Barcelona Digital, look for experts incessantly.

The Internet is the ally and at the same time, the strongest threat to business success. In order to obtain the maximum benefit to the activity of an entity of whatever kind, it is necessary to ensure its security on the web. Today, an important part of the capital of a company is allocated to the communication plan, which through social networks manages to give more visibility to a company or firm. But within this plan or strategy, prevention and crisis management are two of the most valued aspects. If your children are in the University, encourage them to dive in the world of cybersecurity. Knowledge does not take place and you will not lack opportunities.

Video: You'll Need More Than a Diploma to Work in Cybersecurity

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