The big changes in your life when you have a baby

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in your life. The fruit of your love is that small and fragile being that you now hold in your arms and that It will change your life completely. There will be physical changes in the mother's body, and a lot of new furniture at home, but these will not be the only changes you will experience from now on. We tell you some others.

From the moment you know that you are parents something changes in you, although you can not identify it. Everyone says so, "Being a father has changed my life", "You have to be a father to understand it" ... and you are experiencing it. It is true that the changes are almost infinite, and all for good, although some are more difficult, like having to face new difficulties and decisions that did not exist before.

Surely you are already experiencing some of those great changes and you are seeing how your life takes a wonderful turn... thanks to that cute baby who has just arrived or is on his way. These are some of those changes in your life.

Have a baby, a radical change in your life

1.- Disorder If you are a perfectionist for cleanliness, you will soon realize: things can not be neatly clean and tidy, and nothing happens. There will be more clutter, toys everywhere, dirty clothes that will accumulate, and you will have to learn to live with it. Of course, it is not to ignore it, but not to be overwhelmed and to cleanse little by little.

2.- Strength. Suddenly, you realize that you are stronger than you think. Many mothers compare it to the feeling of "lioness": you are ready to defend your "puppy" from any danger.

3.- Priorities. There is no nothing more important than your baby, and it shows in day to day: in the clothes you wear, in the places you choose to go for a walk, in the things you buy ... the main thing, from now on, is your baby and your well-being .

4.- LOVE. Yes, written in capital letters, because you will discover a love so strong that you will believe that your heart "explodes". It seems that you can not love anyone like that baby who was just born ... but of course!

5.- Empathy. From the moment you are parents, you will begin to understand and empathize better with your own, a learning that will continue throughout your life as your children grow up and remember what your parents had to do to raise them healthy. Thanking him now will be a good sign of love towards them too.

6.- Imagination. Of course there are people more imaginative than others, but it seems that a "plus of imagination" reaches all parents from the moment they are: you have to invent games, stories, stories and crafts to entertain the little ones, according to they grow up, and you learn with them.

7.- Eternal tasks. In this funny video we talked about why mothers never finish housework ... and this is just another of the great changes at home: the tasks never end. This at first will leave you exhausted and exhausted, but it will be a rhythm of life that you will soon get used to.

8.- Carpe Diem. Another of the great changes in life will be the one that teaches you to take advantage of the day to day and every minute. From a relaxing shower to moments in silence, passing, of course, for the small spaces of time in which the couple can enjoy time alone. Moments to treasure.

9- Conversations. It is true, another of the changes in your life will have to do with your conversations, and this is something that is related to all of the above: from now on, Most of your conversations will be of children, your gracietas, your doubts, your own and others' advice ... raising a child is a science!

10.- Goodbye to long nails and excess supplements. Although this is something that depends on how presumed the mother is, it is common for all to cut their nails well: we must take special care with the baby's skin and we can give it a scratch! Likewise, each complement we carry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces) they will be the goal of our baby, so you will soon learn to take the minimum necessary.

Angela R. Bonachera



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