Ten foods that you can take expired

Did you know there are certain foods that you can take expired? Of course, they are not all, and as long as they have been well stored and not started. Write down these ten foods that you can take without fear of intoxications even when days or weeks have passed since the date you put in your container.

The reason you can take these foods when in theory they are expired is that they are not: the date that comes on the packaging is that of preferential consumption, not the one expiration. This date marks recommendations to enjoy the food at its best, but not the date from which it will be inedible.

As you remember from the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the basic thing is that the product has been well stored. If the product has been open for a month and has not been cold (if it has to be), you probably can not or should take it, even if it comes in the following list.

To be sure, the best is trust the senses: if it looks "different", it smells "weird" and, of course, if its physical characteristics have changed (such as color), it's better not to risk it.

Foods that you can take past dated

Yoghurts: they can be kept for several weeks as long as the lid is properly closed.

Bread: If you have kept it well closed, there is no greater problem. Of course, check that you could not get mold.

Potato chips and nuts: think that if you buy in a store 'in bulk' has no expiration date. Of course, keep in mind that they have lost some features, it is normal to find them less crispy.

Buns and cookies: Cupcakes, cookies, pasta, honey or cereal products are foods that have a preferential consumption date, so it does not imply a health risk to consume them later. Of course, remember that should be taken in moderation.

Soft drinks and alcohol: the products with alcohol do not expire either, and with the soft drinks the most normal thing that happens is that they lose the gas to the nine months, but nothing that puts in risk the health.

Pasta, rice and vegetables: This kind of food is known as "non-perishable" precisely because it does not perish. The only "condition" is that they stay in places far from humidity.

Jam and butter: The only thing that will happen is that they will lose flavor, but they will be able to continue eating without fear.

Sausages and cured cheeses: there is no risk in eating salted or smoked products two weeks later, and the whole pieces of sausages last for several months because, in fact, they are designed for that purpose. Of course, cold-stuffed sausages, such as ham, are not included here.

Soups and sauces of envelope. Being dry foods, there is no risk since you can not develop microorganisms without water, hence the need to be out of wet places.

Brics of fried tomato and milk. The brics protect their interior, so in principle there would be no risk until two months after the date marked. Of course, if you see that the packaging is swollen or that, when opened, gives off a "funny" smell, better not take it.

Angela R. Bonachera

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