Video: 14 unknown mothers talk about their children and discover what really matters

What do you value most about your children? How would you like them to become when they grow up? On these two questions These 14 unknown mothers talk about the 'El Hormiguero' program has gathered to do this emotive video that makes you think and reflect about what really matters: to be happy.

Emotional video of El Hormiguero

At first, it seems like any talk between proud mothers, commenting how much they love their children and what are the most outstanding values ​​of each of them. Then they talk about their future, and all the mothers agree on the same thing: that they are good people, that they study, that they never suffer, that they are happy.

However, afterwards the mothers next door start talking, and everything changes. These mothers are excited when they talk about their children. In his words there is emotion and love, but also sadness. What they would like is for their children to be happy and, above all, for them to "become".

Because half of the mothers that appear in this video have multi-disabled children. "Find what's important, Are you in good health? Does he talk to you and hold you by the hand? That is the most important thing to value, because I may never live it, but it is important ", these are the words that one of them mentions, touching the heart of his companion, and so on with the rest.

Because that's the most important thing, and that's how it looks in this video made with the collaboration of Nexe Fundación and Folsh y Camarasa and aired on Thursday night on Antena Tres. "I'm very fortunate", one of the mothers of the tear ends saying, and she is right.

Some promise amendment purpose, give something more "court" to the little ones, not be so perfectionists and, above all and above all, enjoy having your children with them. Watch the video and let yourself get excited while you reflect. You will like it, and do not forget to appreciate what you have, because yes, we are fortunate.

14 unknown mothers talking about their children. The goal of all of them: to be happy, the most important thing. Unconditional love

Posted by El Hormiguero on Thursday, 9 April 2015

Angela R. Bonachera

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