The AEP publishes its practical guide for parents online

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics AEP puts in the hands of all families a Practical Guide for parents, developed in collaboration with Dodot, which aims to be a complete book of consultation of the last stages of pregnancy and the development of the baby by stages from birth to 36 months, as in the first three years of life of the child is when parents and mothers demand more information .

One of the main novelties of this Guide is that it can be consulted online, from any device (mobile, tablet, computer), since it is available on the AEP website and on the Dodot website.

Practical consultation for families

The topics are practical and are related to the development and care of the newborn and the warning signs of the most frequent pathologies in the baby and in the child. More than twenty pediatricians have participated in this project addressing and solving the most common clinical situations that have a special interest for families when they have a baby in their homes for the first time.

The guide aims to give parents full information but in no case aims to replace the pediatrician in their daily work, since it insists that it is the pediatrician that parents should consult when they have a concern about the child's health and for perform the different health exams that are scheduled at very specific ages. This AEP Parent Handbook is intended to be a help to parents, to help them complete the information their pediatrician gives them or even prepare before the new baby arrives home.

Includes the latest update of the vaccination calendar

Among the updates included in this Guide is the vaccination calendar recommended by the AEP Vaccine Advisory Committee for 2014, and the latest on breastfeeding, sleep, physical and psychomotor development of the child, prevention of childhood accidents, as well as other psychosocial aspects.

Parents can consult different health topics that may be of concern such as cough, fever, crying, diarrhea or orthopedic problems. Special sections have deserved in this Guide, the last weeks of pregnancy, the preparations for the arrival of the baby, the environment at home, delivery and postpartum, without forgetting other important sections corresponding to premature babies, adoption, education of the children, the game and the option of the nursery.

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