Tax reform: aid for large families

We are reminded of the statistics frequently: families increasingly have fewer children and those marriages that have 3 offshoots (or more), are increasingly difficult to find. According to the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), only three of every 100 households are large families. To help them, starting in 2015, large families will have an additional deduction of 1,200 euros per year.

In addition, the number of births has fallen in 2013 by almost 7%, after four years of falls; women increasingly delay motherhood (Spanish women have, on average, their first child at 31.6 years); and we are the country in Europe with the lowest birth rate: 1.26.

Financial support for large families

With this panorama, the Government has decided reward to those family nuclei that are constituted by at least three children, with one Tax Reform what improve the helps by children and ascenders and extends the negative tax for large families.

Large families, starting in 2015, will have a added deduction of 1,200 euros per year. The new tax aid can be deducted in the IRPF or be paid in advance, at a rate of 100 euros per month, as received by working mothers with children from 0 to 3 years ago. This last deduction is maintained and will also be cumulative to the previous ones.

On the other hand, for large families of special category, -from five children, or four and stipulated conditions-, the aid is doubled: they will charge 2,400 euros per year or 200 monthly.

Another 1,200 euros will be added to this deduction if one of the members of the offspring has a disability greater than 33%, and even another equal amount if the same thing happens to one of the parents.

In short, it is about four cumulative aids until reaching a total of 4,800 euros of deduction. Likewise, family minimums for children are also increased by more than 30% for the first and second children and below 9% for the following ones.

Isabel Martínez

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