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Among the best plans with children that can be carried out in a big city, the visit to museums stands out, but to bring children to the ancient history nothing better than a tour of the old houses, the old palaces, that with their decoration transport us to those years in which the life of an artist developed. This is the case of Sorolla and Lázaro Galiano.

The attraction of the Sorolla Museum for children

In one of the most famous areas of the neighborhood of Chamberí, on General Martínez Campos street, we find the Soroll Museumto. As its name suggests, the Sorolla Museum is uniquely and exclusively works of the author Joaquín Sorolla. In fact, it is much more than that, it is the house in which the painter lived with his family.

The family of the Valencian painter yielded the property with everything that was in it, so we can see, in the closest possible way, the objects that surrounded the artist, his beloved Clotilde and their three children during his life in Madrid. Letters from Sorolla to his wife, crockery, lamps and other furniture, in a house flooded by light and with a spectacular garden. Full of flowers and plants that inspired the author in his own home.

His children next to his garden were his greatest inspirationn so it is worth walking through a flower patio like the one Joaquin walked while alive. Very interesting is also the corridor where ceramic works are found.

In this museum they take great care of the participation of children and, although it is not accessible, they do have a space to leave the carts. Stay tuned to the workshops and summer camps that offer (some offers in English) and almost always free. The museum is free on Sundays for the entire public and always for children under 18 years of age.

Workshops for children at the Lázaro Galiano Foundation

The Lázaro Galiano Foundation is located in one of the most important and emblematic streets of Madrid, Calle Serrano. The Museum of the Lázaro Galiano Foundation has become in recent years a great attraction for visitors from all places. With More than 10,000 pieces, collects works from all periods and from different authors, Goya among others.

But not only painting that we can find in the Foundation, but also various utensils made for royalty at some point in history or pieces of ceramics carved with great precision.

Children can have fun while also learning in this Museum: Dreaming of Goya or Explorers of art are some of the names of workshops with which you can meet different nuances that conditioned the lives of artists.

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