Excursions with children

The good health of our planet is something that worries us more and more. Learning to love nature is an important point in the education of children, which we can encourage through field trips with children and they will be happy to collaborate in all that this entails. Caring for the environment, knowing and treating it through different activities will always be enriching for children.

At these ages, children show great interest in the world around them. Taking them to the countryside to explore and discover Nature is for them a plan as fun as it is necessary, since these excursions with children help to know the environment. Let's take advantage of these escapades to teach them to respect and admire it.

Many possibilities to learn

The excursions are an inexhaustible source of knowledge for our son. Thanks to these, their capacity for observation can be greatly enhanced, but for this, parents must teach them in detail everything that surrounds us. With our help, on a field trip, the child can learn many things, such as:

- Distinguish the animals that live in the environment: cows, horses, sheep goats, dogs, cats, different types of birds, insects, etc.

- Differentiate trees and plants, know the fruits they give and what materials can be obtained from them.

- Learn what life is like in the countryside visiting areas of crops or livestock and villages.

- Know the landscapes according to their geography: we can show you what the rivers, the swamps, the mountains, the valleys, etc. are like

A day in the countryside with children

To acquire this knowledge, nothing better than to take him to a "practical" class: to see everything for himself in a field trip. With the beginning of the good weather, it is the perfect moment to take our little boy to the field with the intention of teaching him to enjoy the environment that surrounds him.
Picking up bouquets of flowers, building a small hut with sticks, collecting bird feathers, etc., are some of the activities we can do with our son in the field. But apart from enjoying what these places can offer us, we also have to take the opportunity to teach the child how to keep the environment in good condition. So, we can encourage our son to help us pick up the cans or plastics that we find lying on the floor, or teach him to throw the papers and napkins into a bag that we will take to throw the garbage, which then we will deposit in a container . They are small lessons that he will assimilate very well.

Precautions to take with children on excursions

The excursions can also give us some problem. To avoid that our son may suffer an incident, we must be attentive to the following points:

- Do not let the child get close to large animals like cows or horses that are loose.
- Avoid stroking any dog ​​or cat in case the animal does not have good character.
- Watch when you are near a river or a raft of water.
- Care when lifting stones or logs. Underneath there could be a poisonous animal and attack in case of feeling threatened.
- Sticks can be very dangerous. Children like to pick them up and use them as "swords" to play, with the danger of sticking splinters or hurting their face seriously.
- Climbing the trees is a fun activity, but we have to control that the branches they climb are strong and that they do not rise too high. You also have to be prepared to help them get off.
- It is dangerous to catch fruits of wild shrubs and eat them. Some, like blackberries, are harmless and very good, but others, like belladonna, are poisonous, and at these ages they are still not able to distinguish them.

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