The game in adolescents, an activity that should not be left aside

The game is often thought of as an activity reserved for the youngest members of the household. However, as the children grow, it can be adapted to the age thereof. Even during adolescence, time must be spent in this regard. In fact, during this stage, it is recommended to bet on it since it is a phase of physical and mental crisis.

The young man goes through a transformation stage where he must discover his new identity. Therefore, compulsive behaviors and sometimes depression, irritability, rebellion against authority, etc.). For this reason, game It is an activity that is done because you want and have fun forgetting these problems.

The importance of play in adolescence

As indicated by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics and Primary Care, AEPap, the game in adolescence is very important for several reasons among which it is worth highlighting:

- Allows you to learn values ​​and lessons for a lifetime in a fun way. It is fundamental for the development of capacities and qualities.

- Improves the knowledge of oneself. Enhances self-esteem

- The game widens social relationships. It does this through teamwork, respect, acceptance of norms and cooperation.

- It can be used to reduce risk behaviors (violence, abuse, substance use, early sexuality and unwanted pregnancies, obesity, bulimia, etc.).

- Fosters imagination and creativity. It produces an evasion in life, necessary to maintain an emotional and emotional balance.

- Brings joy, pleasure and satisfaction.

Games in adolescence

As already said, the game is understood as a small activity, there are other practices

- Board games: ladies, chess, parchís, etc.

- Strategy and ingenuity games. The intention is to enhance the cognitive skills of adolescents.

- Word games. It favors its cognitive and memory development.

- Quiz games, which allow demonstrating knowledge in different subjects. In this way, the culture and knowledge of the youngest ones are also developed.

Damián Montero

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