Change of wardrobe, how to start the summer operation with a good foot

The high temperatures begin to be the common denominator of our day to day. The long sleeves inside nothing will be thing of the past, the change of closet begins. The clothing Winter will be kept until the descent of mercury and the summer clothes will be put within reach to be able to combat the heat.

A change of closet may seem simple, however this work becomes an arduous task if it is postponed too much. It is at this time, in the transition period from cold temperatures to warmer ones when it has to be done. Take out the garments summer and save the winter is part of the summer operation and today we tell you how to succeed in this company.

The perfect wardrobe change

If at home you do not need so much long sleeves and on the hangers you need T-shirts lighter To deal with rising temperatures, keep these tips in mind:

- Wash clothes before storage. Although they will no longer be used, it is recommended to wash clothes before storing them until the next season. It is also advisable to use products inside the boxes to avoid odors or the attack of moths that may damage the garments.

- Good time to recycle. The time to store clothes is a great time to review the garments that have been used and others that are not. Either because they were small after the growth of children or reluctantly, instead of keeping them can be donated to charities.

- Before storing clothes, clean the loft. After almost a year without visiting, the loft has been able to accumulate dirt. Before storing the boxes with the winter clothes, this high area of ​​the cabinets must be cleaned.

- Maintain a certain order. When it comes to storing clothes it is recommended to keep a certain order, to stack the garments by those who wear them or by style: the coats with the coats, the sweatshirts with the sweatshirts and put an indicative in the box of who they belong to. In a few months this detail will be appreciated.

- Moment of repair. Before saving your winter clothes, it is a good time to review if you need any repair. A fallen button, a stain, a crack, etc. It is better to fix these problems instead of waiting and finding that the garment to be used has a flaw.

- Leave a long sleeve by hand. Perhaps thick and long coats are not necessary, but some summer nights you may need a thin long sleeve to face that nightly cool.

- Sort summer clothes. The garments that are going to be used are already out. Nothing better than giving them some order inside the closet to quickly find the clothes that are needed.

Damián Montero

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