Insomnia, the sleep disorder most present in pregnant women

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful things that can happen in a woman's life. But we must recognize that the process of pregnancy is also one of the hardest that happens. Vomiting, a change in lifestyle and other problems that alter the rhythm of the future mother are inevitable during the months of gestation.

Sleep disorders are also very present in this stage of pregnancy. Among these types of problems, insomnia is the most common in pregnant women, according to a study published in The National Sleep Foundation where mothers have been asked about the problems they have when resting during this period .

78% affected

Sleep disorders are very present in the pregnancy process as highlighted in this study. The survey carried out on pregnant women indicates that a 78% of them he claims to have problems that prevent him from achieving a proper rest during the night. For many of these future mothers, this situation lasts too long and ends up causing insomnia in these cases.

Another of the most common problems among pregnant women are night awakenings. 98% of the future mothers participating in this study state that they usually stay up at night and later have difficulties to get back to sleep.

Tips for sleeping in pregnancy

As advice for these women, experts recommend the same advice as for any another person:

- Avoid copious meals. Avoiding these menus is also advisable to keep nausea away.

- Exercise during the day to get tired at the end of the day. In this case the sport practiced must be according to the situation of the pregnant woman.

- Maintain a climate of tranquility and no frights.

- Do not overdo the naps since then the body will have rested more than the face count at the end of the day.

- Practice relaxation methods that favor the decrease of tension in women.

- Set a regular time to go to sleep, this way the body will also get used to and will be predisposed to rest at this time.

- If sleeplessness occurs at night and it is difficult to sleep, it is better to get up, start a relaxed reading and get away since staying in bed will only make the pregnant woman more nervous while she sees how she is not able to reach rest.

Damián Montero

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