6 tips to develop a sense of humor

The sense of humor It is a powerful tool against adversity and suffering. We can not avoid adversities, but what we can do to make a difference is to choose the way to face adversity and the key to this positive confrontation is the sense of humor. Different studies, from the point of view of positive psychology, show that the sense of humor is the most powerful weapon to guarantee well-being.

The sense of humor in our day to day

The current rhythm of life can put our patience to the test, and adversities are part of our day to day life. Facing all this can be complicated and lead to emotional distress or disorders such as stress or anxiety. The sense of humor it becomes the most appropriate weapon to face the demands of day to day and small and great adversities. There are many positive effects that a sense of humor has on mental health.

What do we mean by sense of humor?

When we talk about a sense of humor, we do not mean to make fun of everything or not take seriously the important things, we refer to a positive attitude, a positive thinking and the ability to joke and laugh despite the problems and adversity .

The sense of humor thus understood is the key that will help us to face the adversities and will serve us to activate our emotional super powers.

A sense of humor in the face of adversity

The sense of humor has a lot to do with the attitude we take in the face of adversity. We can think that happy people are happy because they do not have problems, but we all have problems to face. What really differentiates happy people from unhappy people is their attitude towards adversity.
A positive attitude helps us to think positively and contributes to positive emotions and to develop and activate strengths to face adversity.

That is why we must try to activate our sense of humor to protect ourselves and to use it as a shield in the face of adversity.

- A sense of humor helps us reduce stress.

- Laughter and a sense of humor activate the reward circuits of the brain and allow the secretion of substances that are the basis of well-being.

- The sense of humor helps us to have a positive thought about the situation and brings us closer to resolution.

- The sense of humor helps us to get out of the loop of negative thoughts, helps us to believe in our possibilities and allows us to see a way out of the adverse situation, and this is the first step to face it in a positive way.

- The sense of humor makes us more creative and helps us feel better.

6 tips to activate our sense of humor.

Saying that a sense of humor is good to face adversity is simple, and although it may seem easy to apply is not always so simple. How can we activate our sense of humor?

1. Start laughing It can be something very simple and natural, but it can also be complicated, so we will start little by little, to have a sense of humor it is not necessary to laugh out loud or have fits of laughter, we can start with a positive attitude.

2. Look for moments of relaxation and relaxation, remember that laughter and a sense of humor appear when you are relaxed.

3. Search for like-minded people with which you can laugh, try not to spend your time going around the problems.

4. Look for the funny side what happens to you, sometimes it costs a little but if you get used to it you can get to see it. Think that when everything happens you will laugh at this situation.

5. Cultivate hobbies or activities that help you to be relaxed and release tension. Sports or exercise are very positive. Sometimes, just walk outdoors.

6. Accept situations and start thinking positively, look for the good side of situations and ask yourself if they really are that bad.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz. Clinical health psychologist. Specialist in pedagogy and child and youth psychology. Director of Educa and Learn. Author of the collection Stimulate Reading and Writing Processes.

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