8 proposals to study better

Making the most of the time spent on assimilating the contents of the next exam is the most expensive objective when studying for final exams. The fatigue accumulated at the end of the course during the last quarter turns into lack of concentration, decay and lack of energy to perform the usual activity.

8 proposals to study better and perform more

To get the most out of your study time, take good note of these proposals to study better. These study techniques will help you to pass with a note.

1. Do not start reading. Reading requires a lot of time and use is scarce. First, a panoramic view of the lesson is better: titles, subtitles, bold words, drawings, etc. It is what is called pre-reading and it is convenient to do it before the explanation of the teacher to make better use of the classes and have already raised the doubts that can be resolved in the school.

2. Always study with pencil and paper. Avoid getting distracted when reading, help draw ideas and organize them. It is very good to make an outline with the ideas of the subject (analysis), with the minimum of words (synthesis) and grouped (relationship). The scheme is completed with the phase called active reading.

3. The study must be active. Read without more, reread mechanically, highlight in bulk and copy in general, are usually passive procedures (little intellectual effort). Moving to paper, reworking ideas is active.

4. Intellectual flexibility Do not stick to the structure and epigraphs of the subject. The student must reorganize and synthesize the information so that it is easier to keep it in his head.

5. The schemes are dynamic. A scheme is not made to the first. As it is advanced, it is completed, simplified and grouped. Because of this, pencil and rubber are used, so nothing happens if you are a bit smudged. It is a sign that you are thinking and understanding the subject better and better.

6. Review phase. In this, repeated or unnecessary words are simplified to retain all the information, is completed with missing ideas and are grouped when new relationships are discovered. A good scheme only consists of meaningful words (concepts), therefore, articles, prepositions and all that litter that does not contribute anything to the conceptualization are avoided.

7. Review. Before finishing the study, it helps a lot to remember, although many times the student avoids it because it costs effort. It can be done by writing the outline or a part (expression), or simply by tapping a line where each word goes, trying to look as little as possible.

Possible causes that hinder the study

- Lack of organization.
- Passive attitude before the study.
- Trend to fudge.
- Various distractions.
- Lack of constancy.
- Lack of interest in understanding what you should study.
- Lack of interest in knowing what to do.
- Tendency not to write down the days of the exams.
- Low self-esteem, which makes any effort impossible.
- Not knowing how to apply study techniques.
- Lack of base, which drags from previous courses.

Tips to motivate children in their studies

- Listen to your son before lecturing him. If you feel understood, you will be more willing to do what you suggest.

- If it goes wrong in the studies, you should encourage him to think the reasons and come to your own conclusions. If you internalize it, you can propose to improve.

- Write together an attack plan and that he commits to fulfill it. When it decays, stay tuned to encourage it to restart.

- Set small goals, short term and affordable to your possibilities.

- Avoid creating a bad environment at home. Every day is a new opportunity to try again. Even if it is only because of the trust you place in him, he will make an effort to achieve it.

- Observe how your child studies and comment with him what he should improve. For example, if you do the exercises looking at the answers simply to comply, it will be a clear symptom of immaturity in this field.

- Encourage him to first study and then do the homework. It will verify that, although it costs more, the performance will be much better.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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