The illusion of writing the Letter to the Magi

The llegacy of Christmas It becomes a reason for hope and happiness for many people, especially for the little ones in the house. Christmas supposes vacations, days in the company of the family and, above all, a lot of illusion. Although we all like to receive gifts, we must remember that the magic of ChristmasIt's not in the gifts, it's in the illusion and the surprises.

Children are the ones who live this illusion more intensely, that is why this time of year is especially magical for them. As adults we can and should infect their illusion and help them maintain magic, for this we can start with the letter to the Magi, a wonderful opportunity to educate children.

The illusion of the letter of the Magi

Many families are used to writing the letter to the Magi at the beginning of Advent, that is, one month before the arrival of the Magi from the East at home. The letter of the Magi, was something very special, and full of magic. Let's think about it, yes right now we could put all our desires written in a letter, and send it with the illusion that someone would receive it and read it. And we thought that someone was someone magical capable of fulfilling one of our desires, surely we would feel the same illusion, the same nerves and the same positive sensations.

That magic is what made Christmas parties special. It is very important to maintain the magic and the illusion, in the end the well-being resides in those places, and the possibility of making the possible dreams is none other than to believe in the dreams.

Keep the illusion in the letter of the Magi.

to write the letter to the MagiIt can be a beautiful and magical family tradition, which becomes a very positive experience for children and adults. Sometimes to keep the illusion of Christmas, we just have to do simple little things and one of them is to write the letter to the Magi.

1. Use special paper for this. You can take card models, there are many available.

2. Before writing the letter, Sign a day to do it as a family. It is important to point out to the children that they think about their wishes before that moment.

3. The letter of the Magi, it can be used to educate good wishes and get away from consumerism. For this we can propose to write non-material desires and we can also add wishes or gifts for other people. In this way we educate the children in generosity, we teach them to desire and believe in dreams, instead of asking.

4. Use colored pens, stickers, drawings, etc. Remember that it is also a good activity to awaken the creativity of the whole family.

5. Read your letters before sending them and share the good wishes.

6. Find a day to send the letter of the Magi.

The illusion and positive emotions of Christmas

If we close our eyes and remember the Christmas of our childhood, we can relive that illusion and that magic. Dinners, meals, family evenings, gifts, etc. Everything was so special, and it was so for the illusion, for the experience full of positive emotions.

Christmas is special, because it becomes an experience that gives us positive emotions. Christmas is a gift of happiness and well-being, especially for children. It is very important to remember our sensations, and to bring magic and illusion to the Christmas of the youngest, and even get infected with it. In this way we will live a family experience full of emotion that will become a beautiful memory for all.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz. Clinical health psychologist. Specialist in pedagogy and child and youth psychology. Director of Educa and Learn. Author of the collection Stimulate Reading and Writing Processes.

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