Week 21. Pregnancy week by week

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Physical and psychological changes of pregnant women

You are in week twenty-one. If you still have not felt the kicks and movements of your baby, I'm sure that from now on you will start to feel it. The most normal time to feel your baby is when you are lying down and relaxed. Some of the changes you can feel in your body are these:

1. Due to the appearance of your tripita, you can get stretch marks. You must moisturize your skin a lot and take vitamins A, C and E, which are very important in the creation of collagen for the skin.

2. The navel may come out, but it is something reversible that is usually modified by itself after delivery.

3. Sometimes you may feel pain or stinging from the stretching of the muscles of the uterus. Every time your gut is going to increase and it's normal.

4. Maybe your ankles, legs and wrists can swell. It is normal to suffer fluid retention. Baby lots of water and walk to improve it.

The development of the baby during week 21

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In the twenty-first week of pregnancy, your baby continues to grow. Move all your limbs inside the tripita and you notice it. In addition, it begins to notice more and more its growth.

1. It already measures around 17-18 centimeters and weighs more or less 300 grams.

2. Deglute amniotic fluid. This liquid, apart from protecting you, has nutrients that help the fetus to develop.

3. Until now, the liver and the fetus produced red blood cells. From now on, it will begin to produce bone marrow.

4. In addition, your baby alternates periods of wakefulness and sleep, so sometimes you will notice more active and at other times you will not feel it.

The health of the pregnant woman in week 21 of pregnancy

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You must take care of yourself throughout the pregnancy. As the weeks go by, and it has been twenty-one weeks of pregnancy, you will notice some normal changes in your body.

Due to the growth of the uterus, some organs move out of place. For example, You may feel more fatigue from the displacement of the lungs. In the case of suffering from asthma, you should consult your doctor about possible solutions.

You can also suffer insomnia, it's normal. You may have to get up several times to urinate at night and prevent you from having a dream followed. Try to drink less water at night.

Further, share everything with your partner. It is very important that you get involved, that you go to the revisions together, to buy things for your future child. You must keep in mind your facet as a father in this new stage of your lives.

Control of pregnancy in week 21 of pregnancy

We are in the twenty-first week of pregnancy. In this twenty-first week of pregnancy it is still time to perform a morphological ultrasound if you have not already done so. They will take your baby's measurements, look at their morphology and tell you their sex. This test is used to see the state in which the fetus is located, to check if the pregnancy evolves correctly and does not have malformations. In case there could be malformations, more tests would be done to give a prognosis. But you must be calm because it is generally a test that passes without problems.

Pregnancy calendar week to week

Click on each petal or circle to see the content of your week or trimester of pregnancy respectively.

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