They ask that road education be a compulsory subject at school

Has a driver ever stopped you at a crosswalk? Have you seen people crossing a street when they should not? All this is the result of lack of driver education, something essential in our society but not everyone respects. For this reason, the Ponle Freno initiative asks to include road education as a compulsory subject in schools.

As highlighted by this initiative of Antena 3, Onda Cero and Europa FM, "educating in road safety is educating in values", for what they have set as their "great cause of 2015" to get the Government to include road education in schools as an asignatura, because until now it has been included in the framework of different support programs.

Road safety education, essential for young and old

"In the same way that young people and young people are trained in basic rules of coexistence with others as citizens, in the road safety plan, students must be made aware in their compulsory education phases. the importance of observing basic rules of road use"they argue.

At this point, from the initiative they explain that They want to teach young people how to behave in its role as pedestrians, but also as users of vehicles: from the bicycle to the car with the seatbelt, going through the motorcycles and, why not, public transport.

Traffic is already a companion in our daily life, and knowing how to live with it becomes essential to achieve a preventive and safe attitude before him. For this reason, not only do they want to make known the rules of circulation, but it is intended to explain them through road education in schools so that children, young people (and adults of the future) understand why they are necessary.

The petition has already reached the Congress of Deputies. It has been CiU who has presented a proposal not of law, adding to the initiative of Ponle Freno, which has also reached the Senate. The deputy of that formation Jordi Jané reminded us that we are all of us who can be victims, and we can all also cause an accident, so it has highlighted the need to train in road education and that it is studied in school and can be evaluated to increase the safety of families at the wheel.

The debate is served,it must be a compulsory subject, or is it the parents' job educate your children to be responsible in the street and with traffic?

Angela R. Bonachera

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