How to motivate children to achieve school success

The return to school is already a fact. Students from all over the country sit at their desks to face a new school year where success in the proposed goals is the goal. For this purpose nothing better than motivation daily, give the children a reason and reasons to feel that they must fight until the last day of the course to take the cat to the water.

Understanding school success as the achievement of the objectives set at the beginning of the course and the means to achieve other goals that promote personal fulfillment and empower the autonomy, we must bear in mind that the environment in which the student develops has a great influence.

Motivation at home

From the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Parents of Students, CEAPA, the importance of the motivation to achieve success in any field. Of course, conquering the goals proposed in the study is not an exception. Getting the children to understand the need to achieve the goals and rewards that this entails is a great first step to start the course.

CEAPA defines motivation as the "set of intermediate variables that activate and move the behavior and orient it in a determined direction to achieve an objective". The objective The parents should be to awaken the interest of the children and make them understand the satisfaction of fulfilling their tasks.

You have to know how to separate the motivation from the conquest of external rewards. The achievement of these goals, in this case school success, must be enough for the child to feel well. There are many positive consequences of this fact (good grades). A better perspective of the future of work, seeing that one is able to achieve what is proposed, a better vision of oneself, etc.

These are some keys who participate in the construction of motivation:

- The expectations that parents have about them, that is, if our expectations are positive and adjusted to their abilities.

- Self-esteem and positive self-concept of themselves.

- Attention and social reinforcement.

- Awareness that their personal achievements to their own belong to their own work and not to external factors.

Encourage motivation

Once understood the functioning of motivation and its importance in academic success, we must learn to encourage it within the home. These are some of the tips that are offered from CEAPA:

- Show a positive attitude towards the educational center and the duties of the children. If the parents indicate rejection of these obligations, the children will do the same.

- Be his example. Parents must be the first to fight for their particular goals and that this reward is enough to fight for future ones.

- Expectations adequate to their abilities, with a desire to excel. Excessive expectations generate frustration and despair, lack of confidence, feeling of helplessness. And low expectations, inability, distrust, discouragement, lack of effort maintenance.

- Reinforce their achievements and, especially, their effort in carrying out a task, even if they have not achieved the proposed objective.

Damián Montero

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