Communication with the child from 1 to 2 years, how to improve it

The communication It is one of the fundamental tools in the development of every family. Even with the youngest of the house it is very important to maintain a fluid relationship where everyone knows and shares impressions, feelings or something as simple as telling how the day has gone. But how to maintain this link with those who still do not master these skills?

From the Nemours Foundation, several tips are offered to enhance the communication with the youngest of the house although these still do not master the necessary skills to do it as an adult person. These are some tips to improve the relationship with children from 1 to 2 years, although these may not be able to express themselves with complete ease.

Communication in the smallest

How does a person who has not yet mastered the skills that adults possess communicate? From the Nemourse Foundation they indicate that towards the first year of life the children have already said their first words, although it is possible that some children delay language proficiency until you have complete control of your motor apparatus.

Although it may seem that they know many words, they will only know the meaning of some of the most basic words like "father"or"mom"Another of the mechanisms used by children at these ages is to point out what they want, an example is to indicate with a finger a food and then take your finger to your chest to let your parents know that they want to eat it.

Those responsible for the Nemours Foundation say that although the youngest can not recite words, they do understand what their parents tell them. Adults must take this fact into account when giving orders to their children, especially when they are misbehave and seek to end this behavior.

How to know what they want to say

As has already been said, at these ages the domain of language skills is scarce. For that reason, even, sometimes the smallest invent words to define an element. On other occasions, some onomatopoeias are used for children to relate sound to a concept, the best example being "wow" to refer to a dog or "peep" for a bird.

You can also take advantage of the fact that the little ones point out those elements they want to make them know new words. For example, if you point to the milk bottle, parents may ask: "milk? ", if the child agrees, he will begin to understand that what he wants has its own name.

Parents will also have to be attentive to the fragments of words that the little ones learn. Some examples are "pa" or "ma" when they want something from their father or mother. In these cases the most important thing is to make the little ones complete these words.

Damián Montero

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