Manage time to better reconcile work with family

Working parents have the illusion of a good career. Unfortunately, to achieve this, they will suffer the anguish of competitiveness, the compliance with inflexible schedules, the uncertainty of job stability, the anguish of the so-called "glass ceiling" and, of course, the erosion of their family relationships.

Many parents will feel overwhelmed and worried about the little time they spend with their children and it would seem that they do not find the support of their company or society to fulfill their family goals. To this are added the commitments with friends, with the school, with the extended family, with the management of the home, etc.

Fathers and mothers know that they must dedicate quality time and quantity to the children, but the increasingly intense work can be an obstacle to this and without any doubt, the fatigue they face does not help either.

In fact, according to a study conducted by the company, Spanish mothers can only dedicate an average of two and a half hours a day to their children, since they dedicate nine and a half hours to work in and out of the home each day. .

Therefore, parents should learn to manage their time better in order to be more effective in their family periods.

10 ideas to better manage time

1. Recognize that time is limited.Parents should be aware that time is a limited good and that the day only has 24 hours. You will avoid putting all your commitments with a shoehorn on the same day, remembering that the goal is to make time to devote to family life.

2. Plan.In line with the previous point, you can plan the agenda every day by making a small list in which priority will be given to the urgent and immediate things of those who can wait a bit.

3. Learn to delegate at home.The multiplication of efforts will result in better time management. Father and mother can agree on what tasks each one can perform and thus divide the weight of the home or ask for help at a certain moment. Children can even help with small tasks in a way that frees parents some time that they can later dedicate to family life. In short, keep in mind that you can not cover everything and sometimes it is necessary to ask for help.

4. Make a good debugging.From time to time it is necessary to put on the table all the activities to which you are dedicating time and determine if it is necessary or not to continue with it? How much more time will it take to devote time? Can you do without it?

5. Do not procrastinate.There is an English proverb that says "one of these days, it is none of these days". When obligations and responsibilities are unnecessarily postponed, they often end up not being done, they are done quickly or worse, they are done in a longer time than expected. It will be attempted, as far as possible, to be as efficient as possible with the time devoted to a task, so that once finished, it can be eliminated from the list and it is not necessary to spend more time than is strictly necessary . In short, the time required for a task increases in proportion to the number of times it is interrupted and resumed.

6. Look for punctuality.Being punctual in addition to demonstrating reliability and respect for others has the great advantage of making people more effective, helps to be more organized and improves the use of time.

7. "The best is the enemy of the good".The well-known fallacy of Voltaire's Nirvana (Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien) applied to time management should always be kept in mind. Starting from the basis that you have to try to do things as well as possible, sometimes you do not need too much improvement since it becomes a loss of the efficiency of the time that goes to that activity. Find a balance so that you do not spend unnecessary time unnecessarily.

8. Take advantage of technologies.Today there are many apps that exist that facilitate certain tasks such as being able to make part of the online purchase, a bank transaction, electronic diaries, reminders, alarms, timers, etc. Adding to technologies can be key nowadays to make the most of your time.

9. Do not blame.Learn to manage emotions and not feel guilty if you do not get everything. Parents and mothers are people, not robots and therefore to make the most of their time with their children, it is essential to be happy, relaxed and willing.

10. Make stoppages.The more the different tasks that must be carried out, the more necessary it is to make small stops to make way for reflection, so that reactive rather than proactive actions can be diminished.

Put a little order and harmony when planning activities and responsibilities inside and outside the home will improve the performance of time so that you can reach a better family reconciliation.

Chily Riofrío. Blog author From my home to yours

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