How to send them to bed and save us the tantrum

It's summer, you do not have to go to class and early mornings are a bit on the air. So the child feels more freely when deciding what time goes to the bed. At this time of year it is more typical to see how the little ones go to bed late to stay watching a movie or playing late into the night that during the course they had not thought of knowing.

In fact, in many cases send them to the bed It can lead to conflict because the little ones want to stay awake to play instead of sleeping. However, the hours of rest are not any object of negotiation and even in vacations a schedule must be respected. Therefore, we must know how to get the child to lie down without giving rise to any tantrum or previous fight.

No negotiations

Parents must remain firm in their decision to send the child to bed and not allow negotiations. Nothing of 'one more chapter', or 'only 10 minutes more' since in the end these permits end up becoming more weather which in principle was agreed. It's time to sleep and nothing can alter that, there will be time to see this movie or that series.

For this, it is best to propose alternatives to these plans. For example, before going to sleep you can bet on a routine such as reading or family chatter, activities that are easier to pause and that will not cause so much trouble for its completion. Of course, you should not be allowed to stay in your room using video games or computers or other terminals.

Another option is to make it feel like a 'big boy' All the adults go to bed, so he also leaves because he is no longer small. Encouraging him to behave in this way will help him decide to go to bed by his own means and not by obligation of the parents.

Avoid the desmadres

The lack of schedules in summer can not only lead to trastoque the sleep schedule, can also cause the child to be desmadre in terms of their behavior. These are some rules that you should keep in mind:

- The environment and its stimuli. Sometimes, during a trip especially, the child is exposed to too many stimuli such as noise, languages ​​he does not understand, an area he does not know, etc. This can overexcite them and generate bad behavior, be sure to calm the child if you start to give these symptoms as for example telling an interesting story of this destination.

- The schedules. Children are not able to self-manage their time and lack of time imposed by the school, must be replaced by parents. Making sure that you do some intellectual activity will not only help you review before you start school, it will also keep you busy and away from bad behavior.

- The importance of the dream. We must ensure that the child always goes to bed at the same time. Even if there is no school the next day, the time to sleep should be the same almost always and in this way make the body of the child enter into a state conducive to rest when approaching this moment.

- You will not always get what you want. Summer is a time of barbecues, visits to the pool or family meals. The holidays allow the family to give more to these forms of leisure in which the child often gets whims like ice cream, cakes or sweets. But we must remind you that this concession was punctual and that not always you want to receive these items.

Damián Montero

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