Exercises to stimulate children's autonomy from 2 to 3 years


¡I alone! Until the children reach this stage in which they want to do everything themselves, parents have to commit in these early years to motivate them and let them do so that they will learn and overcome in skills to get a complete development of their child autonomy.

From 2 or 3 years, children will go from a total dependence on their parents as adults involved in their care, hygiene and health, to be partially helped by their parents, to end up being relatively autonomous in the performance of this activities. For this reason, at this time, the aspects related to the motivation to promote the autonomy of children take on special importance.

In order to be autonomous, children need, on the one hand, motivation to want to do things on their own and, on the other, that we, the parents, stop doing it so that they find a sense and a need in all the tasks they perform.

Regarding ideas to stimulate the autonomy of children, in practice these achievements in autonomy can be achieved through games and exercises that stimulate interactive behaviors. These exercises should be oriented to the attainment and development of affective bonds, to the acquisition of knowledge and the formation of desired habits by parents and educators. and the control of emotions.

Exercises to stimulate children's autonomy

Here are some exercises to stimulate the autonomy of your small children. These are exercises that you can put into practice with children over 2 years of age and are destined to learn to eat alone, to dress, to use the bathroom correctly, to be educated with others, to help with household chores ...

1. Food: idea for children to eat alone

2. Dress: exercise to use buttons and zippers

3. Toilet: practice to get clean hands

4. Give thanks: good education exercise

5. Interactive behaviors: to include friends in their games

6. Help in the housework: useful activities for each day

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice: Sonia Rivas, pedagogue

Video: Simple Exercise To Improve Piano Hand Independence (Between Left and Right Hands)

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