Five dessert ideas with chestnuts for this fall

The autumn It is a very special time. The leaves fall, the rains come and the cold returns, although all in a very "bearable" measure that continues to make pleasant walks in the parks of the city or the mountain. If there is something characteristic of this time of year, that is the autumn nuts, among which the chestnuts stand out.

Who does not get drunk the smell of chestnuts Roasted that we can enjoy through the streets of cities? It is an unequivocal sign that we are in the autumn, and a good excuse to warm our hands when they get too cold, right? This dried fruit offers many possibilities for various desserts, do you want to try some of them? Put on your apron ... and pay attention to these recipes!

Nutritional properties of chestnuts

The chestnuts are a very beneficial nut which stands out for the few calories it has, something that is also combined with its high content of fiber, protein and carbohydrates. The perfect mix!. Its high fiber content Makes it a good food against constipation. They are also a source of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Chestnuts are, in essence, a highly recommended food for children, students, athletes, people in periods of convalescence, asthenia or malnutrition. You just have to be careful in the case of being diabetic: it is recommended to moderate your consumption since it is rich in carbohydrates.

Dessert recipes with chestnuts

Chestnut cake


150 gr chestnut flour (about 250 gr of raw chestnuts for roasting)

100 gr of peeled and chopped chestnuts

100 gr wheat flour

1 envelope of chemical yeast

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

200 gr sugar

200 gr butter in ointment

5 eggs

1 glass of whole milk

1 splash of coffee liqueur (baileys or similar)

Glass sugar to decorate

Chestnut Flan


-450 gr. of chestnuts

-6 eggs

-300gr. of cheese

-500ml of milk

-200mg. of sugar

Chestnut Pudding


-500gr of chestnuts

-125gr of raw almonds

-50gr. of white sugar

-500ml Milk

-150ml. From cream to desserts

-A few drops of vanilla essence

Chestnut cake


- 200gr. of wheat flour


- Baking powder

-Three eggs

-100gr. of brown sugar

-20cl. Anise

-200gr. of chestnut cream

-50gr. milk

-100gr. Of olive oil

-Marron glacé (candied chestnuts)

Chocolate and chestnut cake without oven


250 gr of chestnut puree

150 gr of fondant chocolate

100 gr of sugar

100 gr butter

50 ml of milk

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Video: The Most Delicious Chestnut Dessert (Mont Blanc)

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