10 of the cheapest strollers on the market

When we have to buy a stroller or a cart for our baby, There are many factors that we must look at: weight, folding, size, accessories ... and, of course, the price. That it's more expensive or cheaper probably determines which model and which brand we choose to finally take us home.

However, there are so many models and brands that it is sometimes difficult to find those strollers with the best value for money. It is for this reason that in this article we present some of theos cheaper models of the main brands of baby carts.

Although there are many more than 10 brands of strollers on the market, we have selected some of the most common to try to facilitate the search for the best pass chairor. At the end of the day, the stroller is one of those objects that will accompany us for a long time in walks and trips with our children, better to choose one in which we fully trust. If you are looking for strollers for twins, in this link you have all the information.

The strollers with the best price for each brand

1. Asalvo Stroller with Covers

A stroller with aluminum chassis, very light, including front bar, foot cover and rain bubble. The backrest is adjustable in 4 positions, the handle is soft and has a safety lock once folded. Dimensions of the open chair: 90 x 47 x 106 cm. Dimensions of the folded chair: 110 x 27 x 21 cm. Weight: 7'8 Kg. It has a price of 89'99 euros.

2. London Up stroller, by Chicco

Around 100 euros worth the Chicco London Up chair, very comfortable to go for a walk in the city or on vacation. It has an eight-wheel structure and its folding is umbrella type. It is designed for children up to 18 kilos.

3.Volo walk chair, from Maclaren

The model Volo, of Maclaren, costs around 140 euros. It is a basic stroller with a weight of 4.3 kilos and designed for children up to 15 kilos. Its harnesses are adjustable in three different positions and its folding is umbrella type.

4. Urban stroller, MS Innovations

This model of MS Innovations is also light, which you will find in stores for around 150 euros. It weighs 6.5 kilos and is designed for children up to 15 kilos. Its fabrics are breathable and washable and the harness can be adjusted in three positions.

5. Union Jack Blazing Mini Buggy stroller by Easy Walker

This model of the Easy Walker brand is designed for children up to 20 kilos. Its price is something less than 200 euros and weighs 7 kilos. Its four wheels are made of plastic, with the two front wheels rotating and folding in the shape of an umbrella.

6. Noa Digital Rain, Comfort Baby Chair

One of the cheapest chairs of the Baby Comfort brand is this model, which sells for just under 200 euros. It weighs 7 kilos and can be used with just one hand. It folds and crawls like a trolley, and can be kept standing once folded.

7. Yezz stroller, by Quinny

Quinny offers this stroller for about 220 euros, according to the stores. Designed with lightweight materials, once folded it can be worn on the shoulder as it has a strap. It consists of three sets of wheels and weighs less than 6 kilos.

8. Onyx Lollipop stroller by Cybex

The Onyx Lollipop model from Cybex has a price of around 240 euros and is designed to be carried around the city. Designed for children up to four years old, their harnesses are adjusted in two positions and their folding is of umbrella type.

9. Quix Pepper stroller from Concord

It weighs 8 kilos, is designed for children up to 15 kilos and is worth around 240 euros. The backrest can be reclined, the hood adjusts in two positions and its narrow wheels allow a lot of mobility.

10. Yupi stroller, from Tuc Tuc

The Yupi model, from Tuc Tuc, weighs 7 kilos and can be bought in stores from 185 euros. It has a large recline, up to 150 °, and consists of four wheels on a sturdy but lightweight chassis.

Angela. R. Bonachera

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